Gears 5 needs a test server?

Recently all everyone argues about is balance changes with movement, speed, gib etc.

Who else thinks it would be beneficial to have a test server whereby the developers can put out ideas like the change in movement tweeks for say a week, and then allow all players access from the main gears menu?
After the week you’re invited to give feedback and then they can move forward ?

I’m not saying this will fix stuff and yes may infact make matchmaking a pain if everyone is off on a sperate server and not the full game, but surely by getting the most feedback off people actually still playing the game, is the best way to ensure we move in the right direction ?

It’s okay certain members of the community wanting certain aspects but surely it’s more about the numbers than the few ?

Rainbow six has a similar test server on pc so I’m sure it’s possible?

Thoughts guys ?

Test server is a great idea. They could also test unfinished maps there.

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Yeah didn’t even think of the maps. Recent changes to icebound would be a good example of how you put that out early, get feedback but also get good feeling and hype around upcoming changes.

Great idea in theory, but nobody will play the regular servers because everybody will want to play the test server :joy:

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All good ideas but probably won’t happen cause it’s more money spent to fix a broken game. At this point I feel TC has considered it a lost cause and they are doing bare minimum stuff to keep the shop going.

I’m all in favor of them doing a dev playlist like they did in gears 4 for each update and tweak before it’s made public so they can take our feedback on what we like and don’t like (assuming they listen)

I know what you’re meaning, but TC don’t like to thoroughly test their projects before releasing them to the public.