Gears 5 needs a series x update!

So I recently purchased a series x.I previously had a xbox one x. Gears 5 played perfectly on the one x, very rarely would it crash or even be buggy. So on series x you would assume it’ll play the same but even better. Total opposite, sometimes I can’t switch weapons nor shoot, and it has crashed my Xbox at least once every 2 to 3 game sessions. It really doesn’t make any sense at all! I’m getting pretty fed up and I’m about to just delete it and not play it anymore. Very disappointing for a long time fan!

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It’s not the game. It’s your console. Send it back for repair/replacement before the warranty ends.


This was posted on the Microsoft forums for what Im assuming is a similar issue, if its completely crashing your Series X.

Hello folks,

The fix for this problem is already out in the wild, available for download through your Xbox updates. For a brief refresher, please review the steps outlined in the System Updates article on Xbox Support .

If you are still experiencing this issue, please do submit a report through the Report a Problem app on your console–they are far more instrumental than we could impress on you. And secondly, at that stage it’s possible that you may need to pursue a warranty exchange on Xbox Support if you are still within warranty.

Please note that the availability of warranty service may be impacted by your region (I state this for our international readers because this forum is accessible globally).

As there are no other updates available on this topic, we will be closing this thread out now. If you are still experiencing the issue, you are welcome to open a new thread.

The above post was posted by a Microsoft Employee / Moderator on those forums.

I sent mine in after reading what others said on here. It crashed one time the day after I got it back and hasnt crashed any since. I wasnt able to play more than 30 minutes on my first console without my console turning off.

Some people have sent their xbox back multiple times before they got a working one and some have sent it in multiple times with no success yet. But the majority of people have no issues after sending in the console for repair / warranty.

Now for the random gun bugs and such, that sounds like a game issue.

Your console is defective, it has nothing to do with the game. It plays fantastic on the Series X.

True but people are willing to let Microsoft apply a “rev limiter” on the console to stop games turning it off. Unbelievable.

got my series X back yesterday and played 4 hours of Gears 5. Juhhuu the problem is GONE… [btw I received the same xbox I sended so there must be a solution now]

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How long was it away?

That’s kind of cool too know. It would be nice if they’d say what causes it then. Maybe it would be something some people could fix from home if their warranties are up. Mine was a different serial number so I knew it wasnt the same.

6 days … 6 horrible days

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Then I would say it’s highly unlikely it’s a hardware issue.

Can say anything about microsoft , but the return procedure always works perfect.
Only they put something in between with the return policy of the Series X.
You can send your Series X for free … than it will take 15 - 20 working days or Pay €28,- and it will be back in 10 working days. For me it is n’t but i can understand that €28 is a lot of money for some people.
Why make money with your own failing hardware. Looks GREEDY

Yeah that’s terrible. I have the complete protection insurance and wondering if they will try to charge me another £28. Do you have that?

Why are you so reluctant to believe it’s a hardware issue? So many people have now said that a replacement works.

If its a faulty power supply I would imagine it’s quite simple to swap out.

Its also plausible some people got back faulty consoles because they had another faulty part in them. I’ve only seen maybe 1 or 2 people have issues with new consoles but many more, including myself and 2 friends, have no issues.

You’re using anecdotal evidence. I’m not convinced either way. I can you give you anecdotal evidence where no one plays gears of war and not one person has had the power down issue except me. I have also shown evidence where they have patched this for other titles that did it. That to me is far more telling than either of our friends stories.

I’ve had two series X and they have both powered down on one game. That’s pretty awful luck considering the hundreds of xbox X users on my gaming forum that have never had this issue at all. Why would a hardware issue on be causing me issues on one game?

I’ve been through this before, I took loads of abuse when I said the 360 had hardware issues and everyone accused me of mistreatment as I went through so many. Neither of us know what is really going on but only one of us is acting like they definitely know the answer.

Well, to me and many others a new Xbox has been the answer. Not a software patch. I know people that have had their series x for over a year and never had gears 5 power it off.

Software patches can limit the games to stop them turning the console off. That’s not fixing the underlying issue.

Microsoft must know exactly what’s causing it but won’t say. Have you noticed they don’t have any issues at all with people getting replacements?

eh … nope … But may consider it … really because now a day’s the manufacturing of all kinds of things really is below acceptable… I bought a new SCUF … for me close to €300,- because UK is out of EU now … played for two days ‘connection lost’ … returned it …12 days later finally received it again … 2 days playing …‘connection lost’ … returned it … bought a series X … received Scuf again … playing and within a week I had to return the Series X …
We are talking about a small €1000,- of equipment and all it did was Failing and costing money …

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Look like we both got the same Luck …

Replacement is powering down?

Replacement is time consuming … and frustrating … but when it finally works you forget everything what happenend… (thats why i write my complains immediately… :laughing:)

The fact that people with replaced consoles aren’t having problems anymore indicate that something can be tweaked in the hardware, but other games are working properly, so Gears 5 software can have some issue too.