Gears 5 needs a lot of fixes

Ive been a fan of gow since 2007 and was very excited for this game, but i can honestly say its been a let down. First, every weapon is insanely powerful. Lancers are ridiculous, im downed by the time i realize where im being shot from. the one shot range on the gnasher is insane. There are no shotgun battles anymore, you get bodied from 8 feet away. Flashes are sickening to play against on koth. The ranked system does not make sense. It was good until i reached onyx and now its impossible to move up. I just won a game 2-1 while getting mvp and lost 10 points… Lastly, the lack of characters in multiplayer is egregious. I realize a lot of hard work goes into making a game, but im disappointed in the 5th installment of this series.