Gears 5 Myrrah and Husband?

I just don’t see how a romance would be formed between them especially since Kait is opposed to it, she made that clear in Gears 4.

When and where did she state that? I don’t recall that anywhere, and I’ve gone through that Campaign at least five times. Probably way more than that.

And to be clear, I don’t expect her to get into that sort of relationship - I’d prefer if she didn’t. Partially because I don’t trust TC writers to pull it off well. But I would have preferred a Del/Kait relationship over one with JD. Or even better than that, a Dom/Marcus-esque relation.

“I’m just sick of being told that I have to have one.”

That was in Settlement 5 and wasn’t actually about having a relationship. She just seems to not really like babies or want to have one so she doesn’t agree with the COG telling its citizens to have babies, presumably due to low population numbers after the Locust War.


It still conflicts with relationships because most males in this COG society will want a family of their own and if she doesn’t then why get with her? And I doubt birth control or condoms exist in their current society due to humanity being nearly wiped out after the war with both the locust and the lambent.

Maybe. Don’t really know. Maybe she just doesn’t like being told what to do generally, given that she grew up in a community where the focus was on community and no real authority was there like there is in the COG telling you that you have to do certain things. I don’t find much to think about since I feel tired. I doubt she’ll get into a relation with anyone anyway.

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Even though her mom was running the community.

Without a strict authority. The COG puts value on keeping “Unity through Order” while the Outsiders value “Unity through Community”.

Outsiders are just stranded with a different name just like the rebel alliance and resistance being the same thing in Star Wars lol :laughing:

Well, the Outsiders originated from the Stranded, so…

Yeah which is why I don’t see the point in changing their name since they’re no different except for being less bummy looking.

I suppose you could say their living conditions and organization is better than during the Locust War, and that technically they are not really “stranded” anymore. Maybe the difference is that they are Stranded who wanted to step away from the authoritarian/militaristic culture of the COG(they do have weapons but mostly use them for defensive purposes and would not really have a standing military), while others simply wanted to rebuild a life within the COG. I don’t know, the choice of name was probably symbolic, as the Outsiders deliberately chose to distance themselves from the COG and live outside of it. This is just guessing, of course. But if this reasoning is correct I could understand the name change.

But if you told me that “Resistance = Rebels”, I’d agree. Because that’s literally what Disney have done.

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There was a point during Act 4 as they making their way up Tollen Dam, just after Kait gets onto the windmill blade, Marcus comments to JD “interesting girlfriend you have there” and JD kinda juat shrugs.

Obviously it doesn’t confirm anything either way, but I took it that it implied they were in a relationship.

Like I said, it’s conjecture. It probably reflects that age old trope where its assumed that the male protagonist is in, or will end up in a relationship with the only (or one of a couple of) female character(s) on the story.

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Didn’t really seem like they were at that stage yet but probably were pretty close to each other given that she went into JD’s arms after mercy killing Reyna. Though I can’t say it’s that way now, in Gears 5. Marcus’ remark seemed more like a joke than anything else even if it sorta hinted at it.


Well it’s not uncommon for parents to assume you’re in a relationship, it’s seemed pretty normal for Marcus to assume that regardless if it was true or not.

It was JD’s reaction that gave the impression that he may have been in a relationship with Kait, not Marcus’ comment per se - that sort of casual shrug. I kinda figured that if he wasn’t, he would have said so.

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Eh, I didn’t really interpret it that way, thought it was more like JD expressing that she’s a bit special in her own way. I don’t really think they’d gotten into a serious relationship yet anyway and were just starting to get closer (than friends) to each other. And if JD had wanted to say anything about it he didn’t get the opportunity to.

Not that any of that really matters now, since they quite clearly have had more than one disagreement in the time that has passed since Gears 4 ended.

I think this game should focus on kait discovering origins of locust and Myrrahs origins and the swarm trying to capture her and do what Reyna says and they battle and then in the end, Kait is faced with the impossible choice or she doesn’t have a choice at all and they make her their new queen. Gears 6 is everyone coming to terms with Kait being the bad guy and del trying to negotiate with her and she kills Marcus and then del has to kill her or turn her back to good.

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Well tbf Marcus was in a relationship that wasn’t super clearly stated until Gears 3, you’d think he would know the signs. But I’d mainly blame rhe lax writing for the apparent lack of their relationship.

As far as a Kait Del thing, I’d see it more as Cole x Baird. Not a romantic relationship but one where they’re good friends. Not all guy/girl relationships have to be romantic. I think it’d kill the story with stereotypes.