Gears 5 Myrrah and Husband?

What if…

Certainly some interesting ideas and food for thought here… but I don’t really think TC plan on making Kait the Swarm queen(also, I think the Nexus is flooded so going all the way down there could be tricky to say the least). But if my guesses are correct, the conflict within Kait’s mind could be interesting. And do people forget that Del is also there and watches over her? He’s not her enemy(even if she’s not sure if she can trust him) and I have this feeling he’ll be who helps her keep her footing, so to speak, and stay away from the Swarm. Aside from that, the Swarm have killed all of her family and most of her friends, and her grandmother was the one who lead, and cared for, the monsters who ended up returning and taking pretty much everyone she knew well. What reason would Kait have to go with them? It’s like people think that just because the queen of the Locust is someone’s grandmother that that person is going to throw everything of their previous years of life, relationships, whatever else there is, out the window, when they didn’t even know their grandmother who is responsible for the death of millions and caused them to lose everyone they knew. I can’t really get my head around how that reasoning works or where it comes from to begin with when it ignores so many essential factors(or at least factors which I would deem essential for it).

And Myrrah being the husband of Niles seems a bit far fetched so long as we don’t know if Myrrah was one of the children at the New Hope facility or one of the scientists there. But it’s a possibility.


You’d be surprised that there are some people and characters that will easily turn their backs on everything they believed in or fought for.

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Perhaps but I don’t get that impression from Kait. While she does let herself be guided by her emotions more than might be good, she has already proven in Gears 4 that she doesn’t just turn her back to something at the first hindrance. I would expect there to be some conflict within her mind but considering what the Swarm have already done to her and her life I don’t really expect her to throw everything out the window and leave the humans to a less than ideal fate. I expect the COG and whatever other factions are out there to have enough problems as it is with the Swarm due to limited numbers(I don’t have precise numbers but I doubt that too many survived the Locust War and the Lambent Pandemic), if you give them a queen it’s goodbye humans unless the COG pulls some miracle weapon out of nowhere.

In short, she doesn’t give me the impression of an individual who would abandon her convictions/goals and change sides with the snap of a finger. If I did I wouldn’t have such a problem understanding where that reasoning comes from that she would just go out to join the Swarm when they’ve done nothing for her but cause misery. And I don’t see any chance of survival if you give the Swarm even more organization than they already manage now.

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Agreed. Kait never knew her grandma (Myrrah) so there isn’t much of an emotional bond for her to willingly take up her mantle.

However if we go by Reyna and what the Swarm were doing to her, it’s more likely that if Kait does “turn” it will be against her will. In GOW4 we know that the Swarm use those cocoon pods to transform humans into Juvies. What was happening to Reyna was a bit different and it looked like she was being mutated by the Swarm and to be merged with the Swarm network. Either way, it was against her will, so I’m thinking that this will be the case for Kait too (if the writers are heading down this road at all).

I’m looking forward to how this all pans out. Hopefully it will be a better story than GOW4.


They show her having nightmares and having visions of messages, is this a hint to say that she doesn’t know her grandmother but is connected to her through bloodline and is persuade to making a choice.

In Gears 4 they talked about the connection the Swarm have to the Hive is that something the Locust had to Myrrah and we didnt know about?

We cant wait to see the path TC takes this either way its going to be great to see.

Most definitely.

Kait will be brainwashed or converted by force or some connection to the Swarm.

Don’t think it will be willingly/rationally.

You can see Kait is conflicted so would be one way of doing it.

There seemed to be some form of connection between Myrrah and certain Locust - I watched a playthrough of RAAM’s Shadow a while back and Myrrah was “talking” to him during gameplay, like there was a telepathic connection between them. What we see now with the Swarm could be an evolved version of that, so that it now connects all Swarm to each other. And if the first Hivebusters issue is anything to go by, it seems that destroying the heart of a hive will kill all Swarm linked to it, but that was not actually confirmed in the issue itself(Hoffman’s assistant mentions waiting on the “metadata” to confirm her theory and the action cuts to Scorpio going to Pahanu I believe it was called, to take out another hive before that happens or before we are told).

As for Kait - the link is most likely related to her relation to Myrrah, but it currently is very weak, so it is only active when she is sleeping. But there is nothing saying it would not get worse over time and activate during daytime when she’s awake.

And so far, based on dialogue in the trailer, I do not think that anything or anyone is trying to send a message, but that Kait thinks it might be. I would say it is just as likely that it could be a subconscious connection, something the Swarm are not aware of or cannot actively tap into, hence why the “images” are erratic and short lived. I doubt the Swarm don’t know about Kait, but rather they just don’t really seem to care for her much right now. It seems like whatever they wanted from Reyna, they got.

Now, I don’t say there won’t be any conflict for Kait, but which forms it will take is uncertain. Well, besides her conflict with JD. But the way the trailer makes it seem is that she doesn’t really know who she can trust anymore, except for Marcus, and that she just doesn’t know what to do anymore. Might be a bit of a stretch but I get the impression that she’s just desperate to stop those “vision” because they are slowly driving her mad/insane(based on her emotional state and/or state of mind she is shown in). If I remember the words of the second, shorter trailer correctly.

I don’t even think JD really would want her dead. He might just be worried about her but because he puts his orders above anything else, doesn’t know how to put it, and because he doesn’t really know how to handle the situation, their relationship is a bit…, fractured. Sure, he may not know how to go about the information/fact that the amulet which Reyna gave Kait has a Locust symbol on it, but I very much doubt he told Del to watch her to kill her if necessary, but rather to stop her from making a decision which is not her own choice or to take her back to the COG by force if necessary.

She was a sinner, she had no husband. Reyna is the daughter of a boomer(or mauler). :joy:


A boomer mauler sandwich…

And there were characters in other franchises that also gave similar impressions and yet they ended up betraying their own in the end anyways. In all honesty I’m not opposed to the idea of her becoming an antagonist by the end of the game or the next one.

It’s not that I don’t consider it a possibility of her getting turned to the Swarm but it’s not something I would expect to be willing, and I believe that she has more potential if she stays on the human side and I’d be almost willing to bet the writers over at TC know that. And I’d prefer it that way, too. I mean, they’ve hardly even built on her relationship with any of the characters. Plus, I did already mention I’d prefer the idea of the Swarm being autonomous without the need for a queen as one of their own is leading them, perhaps one of the former Locust. And it is a theory of mine that this is very much the case, given what indicators we have right now. The Swarm are simply acting in a far too organized way to not have some sort of central guidance. It doesn’t even seem like they need a figure such as Myrrah anymore now that they are able to create new Drones on their own. But the question of what they intended for Reyna is still open, at least I have not seen anything pointing to a conclusive answer, only theories. Beyond that they were turning her into some sort of Swarm or Locust. And the Swarm ensured that Reyna would not be getting out alive if she was freed. She says herself, “If I’m released, I’ll die. They’ve seen to that.”… don’t you think they were trying to hide something? Reyna would likely have been able to tell the group what the Swarm wanted with her if she’d survived. Or was it just ‘revenge/punishment’ for Reyna ‘abandoning’ her… ‘heritage’? She obviously wanted nothing to do anymore with that part of her past and as such didn’t tell Kait anything about their family ties to the Locust Queen.

And at that… I’d find it quite amusing if Kait and Del ended up in a relation with each other instead of her and JD. Partially because I don’t trust TC to not turn a Kait/JD romance into something horribly exaggerated. I could see them(Del and Kait) getting a lot closer to each other during their journey, after he convinces her he’s not her enemy.

“You were my brother Anakin, I loved you!”

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I don’t see any romance going on here and I doubt Del would fancy that after getting his life threatened by his “friend”. What sane person would find that attractive?


Exactly. Just change Anakin to JD and boom we got JD/Del dialogue.

I was thinking Kait being anakin and Del being obi-wan :laughing:

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That works too

No sane person would. I’m not crazy or delusional. But this Del/Kait thing was more of a joke I had going with a friend. Back when people still thought JD and Kait would get a thing going. We both agreed it wouldn’t have been a good thing if that had come true. But I doubt it’s a possibility now.

But Del is more supportive of her than JD already and I’m pretty sure he knows she’s not in her right mind and won’t hold getting a pistol pointed to his head on her(too much). I certainly see the possibility of a closer relation between them more likely than one with JD at this stage.