Gears 5 (My opinion)

My personal opinion and feedback.

English is not my native language so some spelling or grammatical mistakes are a given.

  1. Clunky movement.
    The movement needs alot of work it feels slow and indirect, when wallbouncing or turning around fast you have to wait before your character is up to speed. I dialed down my inner deadzone to zero and this helped but it still feels like the character is following instead of directly reacting to the input.

  2. Characters like puppets in menu and mvp screen.
    The swarm and cog characters look lifeless in the menu and MVP screen let them breathe please, because now they’re like action figures put on display.

(Take a look at Apex Legends menu everything feels alive and engaging)

  1. Reverse omen
    If you manage to escape a firefight this will surely kill you since you lose all awareness of your surroundings because of it.
    Have to say I got used to it after more games but it is still inferior to the old omen.
    Possible fix: reduce redness or use the old omen.

  2. Vault kick not viable in current weapon and movement meta.
    Vault kick is always the wrong thing to do with the current weapon and movement tuning, simply because you can get lancered down from 0 damage while in this animation and it is so slow it gives people behind cover too much time to still shoot you.

  3. Reduce yellowness of the screen when dead.
    It’s just irritating.

  4. Dropshot travelling sound barely hear it while in fights.

6.5 I feel like all the sounds are inferior to their Gears 4 equivalents, they are less crisp and stand out less.

  1. Characters communications and voicelines have too much reverb and feel less in your face/real.

  2. Hdr calibration could be better sometimes enemy’s are hard to see in dark spots it needs a bit more brightness in the dark parts i think.

  3. Cartoon style colors/ graphics
    This is not a game breaker by any means but I just hoped for a more gears 4 looking realness to the graphics it feels arcade just like the game mode.

  4. Ring capture sound buggy and doesn’t stand out in game.

  5. Right hand advantage twice as strong in a battle between equally skilled players probably because it the clunky movement.

  6. Shooting
    Reaction shots extremely overpowered you can gib people without them being even close to realizing what just happened.
    up-a to slow
    Back-a inaccurate and slow
    Slapshot inaccurate and slow

I didnt post the positive stuff I love Gears and will buy it this just stood out to me as what i dont like.

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