Gears 5 multiplayer. things i want to see tweaked

good day Gears community, ive been playing GEARS 5 multiplayer religiously and highest rank i gotten was diamond 1, now ive logged in im down to onyx 1 for some reason. (but it doesnt bother me, ill just climb the ladder, im in it more for the fun)

i wanted to share my thoughts and things id like to see changed. please take note this is primarily more about versus multiplayer more than anything else.

First and foremost


  • Recently the Flash bangs were nerfed. while the white flash on lasts .3 seconds had no effect on the stun, it was also nerfed to not be able to go through cover . now honestly, i dont think the flash bang should be nerfed. and ill explain why

GEARS 5 is a very defensive game, if you have no power weapons ( boomshot, dropshot, rocket launcher) it can be difficult to move forward

Flash bangs are one of 2 options in closing the gap as everyone knows if it hits, it stuns the player to not be able to shoot back. however it is IMO a very weak item atm. there are alot of variables to consider

for starters, the AOE of the Flash bang is so small, that its usually only good against single targets . the duration is down right laughable, and most players will roll away the moment they see you throw it. even if you actually manage to stun the opponent by the time you reach the opponent he would already have rolled away and re positioned and even then, its very risky to use as there maybe more than one enemy

my suggestion would be to increase the AOE of flash bangs and disable the ability to roll away when stunned. by doing this it would help counter the rifle meta and encourage and reward players to get up close and personal. this would also indirect nerf to rifles


too many ways to counter, too slow, leaves you way to vulnerable, now im not saying buff this, but there are huge bugs in the game that causes the COVER GRAB to not be used as much,

for starters your shots go through cover, you shots will through anything your cross hair is pointed at, even if your gun is directly on blocked on an object, that makes the COVER GRAB and VAULTING obsolete, why would you put yourself at risk when you can get shots through the cover at the enemy across from you. below is a video explaining my point

if you hug the wall, you shouldnt be able to cancel, you either commit to it or you dont, that would help the GRAB immensely

3.) The sniper rifle

while i dont mind that this gun is as powerful as it is, it doesnt deserve a cross hair, you should only get a cross hair while zoomed, ive gotten countless headshots at mid to close ranged. it should be a long ranged weapon and giving it a cross hair while unzoomed makes it good at alot of situations

plus ADS (aim down sight) speed is ridiculous, it shouldnt be that fast, below is a video i recorded to show off what i mean