Gears 5 multiplayer option

Just competitive tuning and gears of war 2 map


I’m all for Gears of War 2 maps, but Competitive Tuning? No. That tuning can kindly find its way down a toilet.


You want Comp Tuning and 1 Map for the entirety of Gears 5?


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How about open world gears?

How about no?

Party pooper :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m all for competitive tuning as it’s the proper tuning if you’re playing with a stack. Core is designed with the solo player in mind but it doesn’t limit party sizes so it becomes an overpowered crossfire fest.

Maybe a middle ground? Core needs a nerf badly but it doesn’t necessarily need to be as weak as Competitive.

You call it a “crossfire camp fest” and others strategically place themselves in positions to neutralise the opposition.

Because of this, people can’t deal with it and lower ranked players cannot do anything against higher ranked players.

Lowering damage values of the Rifles is not the answer.

Comp tuning is a mess.

Every gun needs to have its advantages and disadvantages. You need strong rifles versus a strong gnasher.

Wearing the rifles and gnasher goes against logic because you’ve put in so many bullets into someone and they still don’t go down.

I don’t understand why people call for weaker weapons because you get to the point where instead of one rifle shooting you, you just get 2+ shooting you down.

Does not solve the issue of “camp fest”.

That’s due to how symmetrical the maps are and how they are elevated points.

But I repeat, it’s the lower ranked and lower skilled players that struggle to adapt to that play style.

The solution would be to have Gnasher Only KOTH / Escalation with Comp Tuning for those players that can’t handle rifles in Core …

Can’t handle the rifles in Core? Um, I handle them quite well thank you very much. But I’m still not blind to the fact that they’re overpowered if the mode is going to allow stacked teams. If it was solo matchmaking you’d be correct but there’s no way it’s meant for stacks. I want rifles in gameplay but Core has it all wrong and it’s quite obvious by how the games play out. I mean hell, when I play KotH with a stack we’re constantly crossfiring and downing enemies with ease. In fact, it’s too freakin easy and that right there is a problem.

Also, there’s a reason they don’t use Core in esports. I’m not a fan of esports but it’s obvious they don’t think stacks should have overpowered rifles.

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Not sure about competitive tuning.
I’d prefer a middle ground or a single tuning.
If there’s a Gears 2 Map :world_map: I’d like to see, one :point_up:️ of ‘em would be River.
It might come cos it was apparently unfinished work.

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Again, I don’t see how anyone gets on the bandwagon of rifles being “too strong” and also the “no stacks allowed in core” mentality.

I mean, what exactly is the problem of a stacked team?

You have the ability to que 1-5 in a 5v5.

You don’t want that then go play social - that’s the solution right there.

It has nothing to do with Tuning.

So where this “overpowered” BS comes from I have no clue. Where this “anti-stacked teams” mentality comes from, again I have no idea because you have the option to play Social which limits squad size.

But I want to be as a 5, in a 5v5 situation, why restrict that because delusional people think it’s “overpowered”?

And how do games play out?

What, just because there’s rifle play, Core is overpowered and Rifles should be dumbed down?

Just because people get together and co-ordinate effectively in a 5-Stack, then that should no longer be allowed?

You have to use a weapon, and dumbing the rifles down means you need to dumb down the gansher and the guess what? You have w frustrating tuning called Comp.

Core is is far superior to Comp and should stay the way it is.

Comp exists for those that disagree and can go play that.

And that right there proves my point.

A game should never be “too freakin easy”- but the problem is matchmaking with a low population.

I also either have really easy games or very difficult games.

The in between and close matches hardly happen anymore.

Nothing really can be done about that.

It’s just your facing much easier opposition.

The higher the ranks are, the more they will rifle back and I guarantee when you come against a 5-Stack Diamond Team, they can use anything with any style and you go no chance, even if all 5 of your team mates use Rifles the whole match.

Most ridiculous thing I’ve heard all day :+1:

I’ll pass.

yeah but core tuning is just cancer? lol

I disagree, I think Comp is cancer, lol

All of you who play core over comp are just noobies #fact 100% ! Sorry not sorry but go watch some pro’s advice or even MooMoos vid for the next gears, they all said core ruined the game and surely the players as well.

A simple solution is keep social and special events core only, with core being slightly nerfed.

I prefer comp movement to core all day long. But comp weapons are a big to weak the damage values are strange and inconsistent match to match so If they are to keep cores weapon tuning i’d like to see them keep comps movement for that too! (if they go with universal tuning)