Gears 5 Multiplayer Maps

Ummm private match?

I second that :sunglasses:


Oh man I completely forgot about Goldrush, Underhill, Courtyard, Process and Allfathers Garden. I would definitely want these back too if possible.

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Talking about public rotation here. You’re not gonna find a full group for private matches as easily than public matchmaking. I thought you knew what I meant by, it doesn’t turn up in rotation.

Who says you have to play it with a group?

Yup, I’d love to see TC come out with some new maps that are as good as the old ones. I think only real shiners were glory, speyer, damn and foundation. Most of the other new maps just felt awkward to play on. Awkward cover with awkward angles everywhere, especially dawn, impact and forge.

I’d be happy to never see river again, but I liked pavilion, that was good. Mansion, subway and maybe trenches might be worthy of a return, but the rest can stay in the knackers yard if you ask me, especially river. Never wanna see that spawn camping trash heap map EVER AGAIN. Same with ruins, bleeeeuuugh, awkward map.

Hah, people never mention Bullet Marsh, everyone hated the level design. I always loved the atmosphere of it though. It’s the only map I remember having that swampy environment, and it looked cool as hell. They should do atleast 1 more dark, swampy map like that, the Kryll were cool on the map too.

Another map with the krylll would be awesome, but not bullet marsh. I suspect if they do, it might have the flock in place of the krill. Something based on the old mining facility that was infested with lambent wretches in gow1 act 3 would be pretty cool tho.

Yea, that’s a type of map I’m always asking for, more subterranean Locust/Swarm area maps. Not ones that are man-made metallic/iron built facilities either, stuff like Ruins or other Locust built areas way deep down.

Wait Bullet Marsh was hated?

I dunno about during the time Gears 1 was originally being played, but anytime I’ve seen it mentioned afterwards as a possible return map, yes, with a passion.

Didn’t enjoy it on Gears 3, was alright on Gears 1 and UE

Gridlock and canals ! Love those legacy maps

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Fact: The maps we get during the beta are going to be among the better maps in the game.

It was the same way in Gears 3 and it was the same for Gears 4.

It wasn’t that great for Horde map in Gears 3. That’s why everyone left before Wave 50 on Public Normal. I don’t even remember finishing it once except in Private with Mutators. But the RAAM Easter Egg with Vulcan Cannons were cool.

For Versus, it was sort of okay. Especially the two players picking up Longshot. Someone shooting generator to kill the guys at Longshot spawn with Kyrll. The Longshot fights where gotta shoot the white flash opposite of map.

The bad thing was, spawn trapping. When other team got to opposite Longshot spawn area, they would get on the bridge or walk and simply shoot down the enemies spawning. Not cool.

I don’t think I’d rather see this for Gears 5.

This area is the one I meant lol. I’d love a map based on this whole place. Would make a hell of an escape map don’t you think? I hope the custom map builder allows us to place objects etc like in forge, but I fear that it might be a simple block builder thing with pre-assembled rooms that you just stick together in a chosen order.

But ye, the underground bit after you take the drilling platforms down is pretty cool too.

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BM (along with Thrash and Trenches) comes up all the time on KOTH. I 'm not a lover at all. It does have good atmosphere though, I will give it that. I do prefer the ramps in 3 though.


They could always modify whatever problems it had before.

A mineshaft map, ok, yea, that would work. It’s very different from every map in Gears 4, it’s good to have a wide variety, and I already am wanting more subterranean maps.

On the Map Builder, that’s my main concern also, that it might be way less flexible and impressive than most are hoping for. It does kinda look like rooms placed together in a jigsaw puzzle fashion from the picture with Baird. I really hope there is more to it, I’m not letting myself get too hype for it until more is shown on it though.

If it’s anything like halo 5 forge, i’m gonna be playing gears 5 until the sun blacks out. Forge mode is the only redeeming quality in that game. If gears 5 had a creative mode as good as that, it’d be a top tier game for sure. I’d probably never touch another halo game and make+play gears 5 maps all day every day. I love making dark, horror/infection based maps with tense atmosphere, so this is right up my street lol.