Gears 5 Multiplay / Rank Reward system ideas

I think it would be very cool if they implemented some sort of system in Gears 5 that would reward people for their ranks. Since they have the credits system in the game, and it’s probably going to return in Gears 5, maybe add Gold Credits, Onyx Credit and Diamond Credits.

Each tier of the ranking system Bronze - Silver - Gold - Onyx - Diamond would have a full weapon skin set, 2 characters 1 Swarm, 1 Cog and an emblem.

Items would be statically priced meaning you pick and choose what you want to buy.

A percentage of credits earned in MP would be turned in to it respected rank currency. And the percent would be based on your performance in the match. Kills/Deaths/Caps/Assists etc. So you get rewarded for doing well, and people that don’t do a lot get minimum.
Every time you rank up (like Gold 1, 2, 3) you would get a one time bonus credit amount. So if you go down in rank, and then back up you don’t get bonus.

Normal credits would get you Bronze/Silver
Gold Credits would get you Gold
Onyx Credits would get you Gold/Onyx
Diamond Credits would get you Gold/Onyx/Diamond

Diamond 5 would have a reward for being highest rank in multiple game modes simultaneously. With some sort of epic reward for doing all game modes.

I don’t know… Just some thoughts… Something different than what is currently in place. I don’t feel really fulfilled right now. Everything is just a bunch of RNG skins that have little to know meaning…

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Agreed. I much prefer the skins and emblem I use to represent something I accomplished, like the Seriously 4.0 emblem. I think there should be some extra stuff for the top tier ranks as well, since it keeps people happy and playing.