Gears 5 Movement

So after watching about an hour of raw game-play I still can’t tell how the movement will be compare to Gears 4

Is it faster or slower?

Is wall canceling the same?

What do you guys think?

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I watched a good amount of the stream this weekend and it looked like you could walls cancel just like 4. It did seem slower than gears 4 movement wise though.

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True, I think its slower

Looked similar to me.


I believe it has some amount wallbounce delays again. Avexys uploaded a video of him trying to go as fast as humanly possible on both alternate and default. It looked like there were delays. And it felt that way when I played Escape as well. Plus when I saw the pros do some casual bouncing at the end of a round, seemed a little slower.

Regardless, it’s still fast af, just maybe not as fast as Gear 4. I’m in favor of that.

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Definitely looked slower. It was kind of cool to see them not bounce as much in the big fights. Felt a little more like classic gears to me. I know most people love the frantic wall bouncing but I personally like the slower chunky dodging if that makes sense.

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I don’t care about wall bouncing but I do prefer a more free movement system which generally means faster movement.

Completely agree. I used to think the opposite, but I’ve changed my mind after Gears 4.

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They confirmed it was slower in stream

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From the looks of the stream it seemed to be a nice compromise between the classic and 4 and that seems to be the general vibe of gears 5 so here’s hoping :pray:t2:

I don’t wall bounce. I think its dumb
But I still like free movement

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Good man. I fully agree. I’m not interested in “hyper-bouncing”, it’s an eye sore. It’s also not very effective, which I have several proving. Some people bounce that quick that they’re effectively coming towards you in a straight line.

Previously movement might’ve felt clunky, but it just meant players had to be a bit smarter with their decisions.

As long as you can up A and flick the stick to make your player shoot people on the other side of cover it’s all good

I hope that’s sarcasm lol