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Gears 5 Movement: WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!

Haha perhaps I was your victim.

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You really think so? They changed the movement in gears 4 competitive. Not as much as I’d like but it was better.

Problem isn’t movement. It’s lack of cover and spaces are too open, too big.

Yeah more cover would be nice

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All maps are made for Lancer party hard mode but if you put blocks, chunks of wall everywhere and debris on which you can bounce easily then you remove that power of assault rifle in start and make it obsolete.

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We also have those coma inducing flashbangs to help dispose of such lancer atrocities!


if your playing on default controls there is a delay on input when you hit the button.

I tried classic alt too and there is still a delay.

Well stated. I would add that beyond making the game approachable for a less-narrow segment of gamers, there are legitimate gameplay reasons one might favor the toned-down movement, as well. If you’re somebody who likes the deliberate gameplay of GOW 1/UE more than the style of smashing the left analog stick back and forth at hyper speed that GOW 3/4 promoted, then you’re probably happy to see the direction TC is went with player movement. That said, I think both sides of the debate can probably agree that there is some tuning needed (e.g., stopping power seems to aggressive).

yea but not as bad im still getting use to it thats what they need to fix like why some controllers have more movement then others and delays…im a default guy on xbox and pc.

I think the problem is not always lack of cover, but cover in the wrong places. On Bunker, for example, you have a central hill that overlooks the entire map, with cover surrounding the entire thing. Of course teams are going to camp such an obviously-advantageous position. It’s basically an unassailable fortress once you manage to secure it. Remove most of the cover on the center hill to reduce its advantage, and suddenly the map becomes much more fluid (or at least I imagine that it would).

I read this monstrous rant just to say. “If you don’t like the game don’t play it at all!” thats what I am doing , playing gears 4 until it dies completely. I agree with Baneslayer. The movement sucks in Gears 5.


I respect your opinion but personally I absolutely love how movement feels in this game, I’m playing on the X and the game feels perfect to me, very smooth and responsive. Doesn’t feel slow to me, feels better than Gears 4 overall, it’s the first thing I noticed when I played Gears 5.

However I am in the process of tweaking my dead zones and sensitivity, I’ve been using the default controiller settings all along and doing quite well online against others, but I’ve seen a few videos that claim that it will improve my game if I tweak those settings.

Yeah that guy went off! I don’t know what i said to make him so belligerent. He needs to get laid or something.


Use classic alt controls for now, their seems to be fewer delays. Tc are apparently fixing classic alt soon, so dont expect it to stay that way.
Agreed though delays suck, well except melee that has no delays and it really really should.

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I’ll play around with it some more.

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He likes to disagree with people

Not to mention stopping power… Always been annoyed your movement is restricted more when you need it most.

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I feel like maneuvering around obstacles while roadie running is smoother than any of the previous Gears games.


Yeah put settings as classic alt and remap your buttons to normal setup. It feels better like that. And honestly if they change it, I’m uninstalling.