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Gears 5 Movement: WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!

I think everyone can agree that the movement and delays in gears 5 need to be addressed. Everything is so slow and it feels scripted. Shooting from roadie jog (let’s be real they don’t run anymore) or bounce is delayed.

I’m trying to maneuver around the map and everything I do it’s like the game is working against me holding me back. Lancer laser beams shooting up and down the map and I’m stuck with these slow ■■■ mechanics like a fish in a barrel.

I want to be free man!!! Let’s go TC give me gears 3 movement!! Don’t be stingy!!


I like the movement.


You like being slow and restricted?


I don’t feel like I am either slow or restricted.


If you have gears 3 play a few games. You will see what I’m on about.


Lets goooooo listen to this man


Dude do you really think inside your brain that The Coalition would revert the game back to the days of hyper bouncing and insane wall cancelling? Are you unable to understand or accept the fact that TC is attempting to cater to a broader audience and by making the gameplay less spastic and allowing people to defend themselves at range instead of being forced to engage in inevitable close quarters gnasher chaos was exactly their intention? It’s called ‘carebearing’ and I can’t think of a competitive multiplayer game that hasn’t done it to a certain extent over the life of its franchise. I mean they’ve actually stated these things indirectly in interviews and Q&As.

Enjoy the game for what it is because TC sees these changes as forward progress and since Gears has always been a niche game with a large skill gap, closing that gap a little bit means more players and money.

I can’t get over how you start your post by “I think everyone can agree that…” Wtf could “everyone” possibly agree on about this or any video game?

I hate the tone of my post because it’s blatantly condescending but every new title entered into the Gears franchise is followed by egregiously self righteous and arrogant posts by self proclaimed Gears pros who have it all figured out…at least based on what they personally prefer and enjoy. It’s an epidemic in this community.


Gears 3 had everything right


Yea. Not like kids were running custom controllers with turbo triggers melting people with that ridiculous hammer burst or how the movement is so floaty that it feels like your feet never touched the ground, Gears 3 is more Pong than Gears. Lol. Gears 5 feels like a nice balance between the heaviness of Gears 1 and 4, without the slog of gears2, and the floty controls of Gears 3. Throw in the sawed off and Retro as starting loadouts and you have the unbalanced, hopscotch mess that Gears 3 really is. Best Horde of the series so far, though.


The movement is not going to be changed, stop making threads about it

Then there’s the “everyone can agree” nonsense. Who exactly do you think you are? This is your opinion - you speak for no one but you


I actually like the movement system (still ■■■■■■■ hate a lot of things with the game) because it feels like a nice balance between fast bounce movement but not so much as a requirement. I now don’t see people playing “so you think you can dance” in my bloody cover shooter.

This is so true all they needed to do was keep the mechanics from gears 4 and just add all that extra stuff, i am so disappointed with whoever decided to change it

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Without the wall bouncing mechanics and precise cover system gears just becomes another moving camera with a dot in the middle of the screen kinda game why take away what makes it special for all these basic fps players who probably are not real fans of the reason why so many players stay loyal, im pretty sure the majority of the real gears players the ones who keep it alive are all shotgun and wallbouncing fiends. Note i said majority.

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Thought I was the only one having this issue

The retro and sawed off were meant for new players to use as a way to make the game more player friendly for them. That was how gears 3 catered to new players.

Now instead we have TC dumbing down all the mechanics punishing everyone to cater for casuals. There is little skill required anymore.


Welcome to the community

Yup TC is a cancer and doesn’t understand. And these people that defend it are putting this game into an early grave.


The only thing I truly miss about movement is being able to slide into cover right after a roll. The slower movement is “fine” but I do wish it was a tad quicker

What I will never be OK with is the aim assist in ranked, generous hitboxes for headshots and gnasher, quieter explosive weapons like salvo and drop shot that make killing with them easier and evading more difficult.

I am a “beast” with Boltok headshots now. Honestly the kills with it feel cheap and unearned. It’s the aim assist and generous hit boxes that were not present last game. My skill is virtually the same.


I literally have a recording on Xbox of a boltok bullets autoing my head, the guy wasn’t even aiming near me at ALL, and lag or desync definitely was not the cause.

And everything does feel insanely accurate.

I have my own clips of my own headshots that I didn’t earn because of generous hitboxes. Actually working on a BS montage…if my game captures will start working properly