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Gears 5 movement update old time vet

Shots matter more than movement and taking cover can matter more than hitting a shot. Having these deadly combinations added back in the the game is a big step back anyone can go back to gow 1 gow 2 gow 3 and understand the combinations they opted out. Gow 2 you couldnt rodie and melee after, couldnt melee and shoot after, couldnt rodie and shoot right after, gow 3 you shoot and melee after, couldnt melee and shoot after, same things with the roll.
Gow 5 you can shoot and melee right after, if everone continues to not pay attention to detail it’ll get worse.

Options in revert

  1. seperate the up a speed boost and cover speed boost to where it barely faster than the rodie combined. We all utilize the methods you cant just make it for one individual and plus it’s only good for high tailing and getting to a place faster.

  2. Strafe need to be kept

  3. weapon switchs need to be faster for a defensive offensive style we can only hit that button so fast

  4. coming into rodie from stand still delay needs to be faster for different moving combinations helps everyone and gives you that option to creatively switch up movement

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I want the roll back I use to use it all the time now it’s just a death sentence. Gears two I use to jump forward and through people I loved it

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Yea man, slide left round the corner an instantly roll right, so as they chase you round that corner, you’re now behind them, popping them in the back of the head long before they realise what jus happened

Good times

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Shoot first then roll guarentee it works. I agree tho I dont actually see that alot anymore, should be be faster because of thirtys

I wouldn’t just because now I’m stuck in roll animation and someone else could kill me easily not just the Erwin I’m attacking

huh, well you gotta roll away from him, talking about taking cover in the animation