Gears 5 movement to slow and clunky?

That’s even if you can get into a match lol. Does anyone fell the movement speed and just weight of characters is much more slow and clunky then gears 4. It just doesn’t feel right . Maybe I’m over exaggerating but the gameplay is to slow. I prefer gears 4 gameplay so far. Does anyone agree or am I wrong?


Sadly they nerf the wallbounce. Gears 5 will be just a generic CoD more =/


Wow this sucks. Gears 4 may not been best game in series but I’m sure all can agree it’s movement and gameplay were outstanding. But this feels wrong for some reason!


Weight of character and sliding is definitely feels better to me, but aiming is the same weightless as it was in Gears4. Controls have the same problems with rolling/taking cover.

Movement seems fine. But I only have problem with recoil.

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Go play gears 4 rite after gears 5 and you will see how much faster and smoother gears 4 is. Maybe I just have to get used to it but seems so different.


The movement is terrible. Gears UE and 1 in my opinion will always have the best movement. Gears 4 and 5 movement is extremely slow, boxy, clunky, and makes me very dizzy. It’s like they put so much useless graphics into the game it makes the gameplay extremely slow and out of wack. Sometimes less is better, and they’ve just added way too much stuff to it. Also please just remove wall bounce cancellation it is dumb.


It is terrible.
This used to be a fun fast paced game.
Now it is call of duty with kill cams and assault rifles that can pop your head off.
As if the sawn off shotgun in gears 3 wasn’t a bad idea and after all the community feed back in that instance they decide that it’s a good idea that assault rifles can pop your head.
Someone get Cliffy B on the phone.


I have not played ranked yet cause i am having the worst time getting into a match but from what i have read. everythign there seems fine… also reading the skills of the chars n arcade, and testing chars lke marcus or grenadier have INSANE wall bounce range. the distance they can cling to a wall is huge. i would recommend trying them if u are unsatisfied with other things… cause they play more like transitional gears… just an idea if u dont know yet

It’s a bit slower than 4 for sure but clunky? No way, i’ve been replaying 4 for the last couple of weeks and immediatly noticed that 5 feels even smoother.

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Rifle damage need work too much damagee now. In 4 there was too little

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It feels a little clunky to me. Not bad, but it needs to be smoothed out like in the beginning of 4s days.

I definitely like the feel and movement of 4.

Agree that it’s quite chunky and clunky.

Feels like Fortnite.


It’s isn’t slow. ITS STIFF. As in the areas to where you wanna slide into cover and stuff are inaccurate to what directions you’re trying to slide into or what direction your going to coming in and off walls.


Yeah i’m always rolling trying taking the cover or trying leave the cover, it feels off.
Aiming is awful, it has no weight at all. Who says about Fortnite? Yeah the same no weight feeling as in Fortnite.
So, low sensitivity better for rifles, but bad for gnasher. With high sensitivity gnasher feels better, but rifles are uncomfortable.
One more thing. The balance between horizontal and vertical sensitivity looks bad to me, vertical sensitivity is too high, but there are no options to change it, only horizontal.


I’m wondering if it feels like gears 4 in koth since I have only played arcade and that felt very slow.

5 feels smooth to me. Slower than 4, but I’m okay with that. Previous Gears games were slower too.

Shotgun feels so good.

Yes feels the same . Gears 3 had right balance and felt better when you moved. Feels very heavy when you move your character in Gears 5

Yea its slow and clunky. Idk why devs always try to slow down the gameplay. It would be ideal to have faster walking speed to strafe a bit better.


I’m no wallbouncer, but for regular movement and sliding to cover, this version feels clunkier and more awkward relative to G4… Different…