Gears 5 movement mechanics

So from watching E3 and the gameplay they rocked with, one things for sure. The movements more up tempo, I did notice the distance you were able to slide to cover from and it was huge! I’m keen to play this beta and get a feel for myself man!

Let me know your thoughts…

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I think that movement was with a certain card boosting the agility.

It won’t be in versus.


Even so wouldn’t that simply affect the speed? The sliding distance would be the same regardless the character wouldn’t it?

Thanks for your insight man

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The card was for Distance.

Something about escaping situations.


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Went right over my head that one, it’s obvious now!

What’re your overall expectations for versus?

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I haven’t seen Versus yet.

What we’ve seen is the new mode Escape.

PvE is not my thing.

The real MP will be shown on 12th July I believe.

Then we can all play it on 17th and get a real impression :v:


I know you haven’t seen it, no one has but we can still have preconceptions cant we? Personally I don’t like PvE either, roll on the 17th man.

Can’t wait :facepunch:t2:


I want to reserve judgement just because I have high hopes for it and I don’t want to be let down.

So all positives till I play it.

The customisations look really good though!!


Universal Tuning here and im thumb upping this thread

Gears 5 may finally have one tuning :eyes:


Really? I haven’t been around much recently so I’m trying to catch up with all the news and rumors


The BETA is going to be Aracde and I think Escalation 2.0.

So this could mean that all the modes now have one tuning.

Because otherwise they might have done a mix or Ranked and Competitive Modes rather than straight up Competitive Modes which are less popular.

Nothings been 100% confirmed but this is what it looks like.

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Escalation 2.0 cant wait to jump on that, sounds about right tho tbh. I always played core but progressively leaned towards competitive during gears 4.

King 2.0 - can’t wait to jump on that!!!

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I believe you are correct that this could be a good sign that TC is leaning towards one tuning and if this is the case I can only see it being a positive for the entire franchise.


It was a card that increased his slide by like 40-60%


Okay cool glad that was cleared up, that’s pretty sick. Was going to say imagine having that sliding distance in versus😅

I am praying that TC does not let you down my man

I’ve been let down before so nothing new there :+1:


in other words, one tuning means remaining 85% population is gone.

Lets be honest, we are not expecting “one shot” KOTH and TDM folks to adapt to “close encounter+escape” escalation.

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