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Gears 5 :mostly only in Spanish countries it is above 30 in most played list on xlive

US: : 46

Canada : - 49

UK: - 47

Germany: - No longer in top 50

France: - 34

Russia: - 38

Australia: - No longer in top 50

Brazil - - 38

Portugal - - 30

Spain: - 18

Argentina - - 28

Columbia: - 8

Mexico: - 8, with GoW4 at #11

Clearly TC is hoping that Mexico will keep the game going…


They need to sell a Mexican Poncho Mac, i would assume the demand would be high


Luchador Kegan!??!?

Well, if they give us Luchador Lahni or Grace, well, I might be tempted :slight_smile:


I think we’re all crossing our fingers for bikini versions if I’m honest


I don’t think man that anyone on Mexico would like to buy that… LOL


Never doubt my friend, never doubt

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Well, I think it’s very clear why they focus so much effort and accommodations on the latin america players, it appears that they are TC’s most loyal fans…

BUT here’s a thought… Gears 5 has been out for MONTHS now… Why is GoW4 still in the list??? Shouldn’t all those loyal fans have migrated over to 5 now, if 5 is so great?


LOL I know man …

I think Gears 4 its becoming more and more the trend on GOW games.


So them messing around with GoW4 (ranking, map voting, servers, ping,koth spawns, etc) is really them shooting themselves in their feet :slight_smile:


Correct man… If I were TC I just leave alone 4 … more and more the lobbys are full of players , its the new sanctuary for disgruntled people who really hates 5. ( myself included)

I don’t know my friend if by TOD 2 this game really could be fixed… I really don’t know .

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I couldn’t care less about the ToD… Those are just rewards, and such… It doesn’t affect the core gameplay, and THAT is what I hate (movement, lancer, omen, chainsaw, “incoming flash”, knife melee, etc)…

OP2 won’t fix any of that… it’s just putting a different shade of lipstick on the same zombie…


I think man then the zombie better drop dead on its own… Gears 5 in such scenario its doomed.

I think if that happens ill stay on 3 and 4 and wait for Zombie Army Trilogy Game … I’'ve heard its gonna be sick man.

I still have about 200,000 credits in my GoW4 account, I will , from time to time, buy some Elite packs, just for fun… I get Legendary characters, legendary weapon skins, which I can use, or scrap for useful scrap…

Man, we really didn’t appreciate the GoW4 model enough when it came out, just look at Gears 5, hahaha…


Actually man right now its a very strange moment in my life because I used to say that GOW 4 was a game that needed several things to be the perfect game … however with Gears 5 now in our homes , I truly realized that GOW 4 really delivered the amount of violence and action and I could ever hoped for !!!.

I still believe man that GOW 3 its truly " THE BENCHMARK " on all GOW games… however 4 now I really appreciated more :slight_smile:

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While I played all the Gears games, it was all in PvE modes - it was only with GoW4 that I got into and fell in love with Versus… So my frame of reference (for Versus) is limited to only 4 and 5… I thought 4 was pretty good and a LOT of fun, and I was hoping for a couple minor tweaks… (slightly weaker shotgun than Core, maybe longer re-spawns for power weapons, etc)…

5 gave me what I WANTED from a GoW4 followup, BUT it also gave me a TON OF CRAP I DIDN’T WANT!! With the net result being highly negative…

So yeah, I’ll put up with the Core gnasher’s 2 shot down range, to get fun game play… :slight_smile:

They should release a Gears 5: MEXICAN CARTEL SICARIO EDITION, in which instead of using two shots in the head to kill the monster, you just use a AK-47 and in one bullet you blow the monster away in pieces !!! LOL




Thats strange there is not the normal group of people here saying something like, gears has never done well on x box live it doesn’t matter… but I have become accustomed to hearing people blindly defend a broken Beta and now I dont know what to do ha ha ha.