Gears 5 More Content?

Are they going to be adding more of the old maps in the future ?

Operation 3 is confirmed to have more maps, and we will find out in at some point in the next 3 weeks what they will be :slight_smile:


I hope so man They have to bring back some maps from gears 1 and 2

What maps in particular would you like?

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I keep forgetting that we have 3 more weeks to OP3 :joy:

As for maps, put me down for any map first introduced in Gears 2 or any map new to the franchise.

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3 WEEKS. I thought the update itself would be coming in March, not just news about it.

Eh, guess it just gives me three more weeks to play R6 and Skyrim.

Some maps from Gears 1 and 2 that we havent’t seen in the latest versions

Mansion for starters and more than 1 “new” map

Wishlist - every gears map ever plus new ones

Sequels should have more content than it’s predecessor

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Gears 4 had added about 14 Maps by now. And there were repeats–but damn it was something.

Also wanting more 2v2 maps. Or variety to 2v2s.

The new Modern Warfare has a 2v2 gamemode on some 15 maps, short little games with randomized loadouts, I think that’d be interesting to see in Gears 5, and the ability to have a 2v2 map based on all of the maps we have (Something like how For Honor does their 2v2 maps where they just close them off) if they just add boxes or something I don’t know how 2v2s can have so little maps when they seem so easy to create.

I they bring back maps from previous Gears, I hope they’ll fully revamp them and not make carbon copies like what they did with Lift, Foundation, Dam, ect.

Gears 3 Jacinto had one of the best make-over a map could ask for to this date.