Gears 5 Monetization. A step forward and then a step back

While I’m happy to see that TC didn’t opt for gambling lootboxes in Gears 5, the storefront we did get isn’t that much better. Sure gambling is no longer in the equation but I don’t think that TC deserves praise for that. That should be considered common decency to not have gambling in your game unless your game is centered around a casino. I like knowing what I’m getting upfront but the prices for the cosmetics are either too high or very shadily priced. Let me explain.

So the museum weapon skins pack cost 1,000 iron or $10 USD. Whereas something like a bloodspray or banner might be 400 iron. Take notice of the number 400 though. If you go to the storefront to buy iron, the minimum amount you can buy is 500 iron for $5. So even if you want the item that is technically $3 or $4, you still have to spend $5 to get it because you can’t just buy it outright with money. You have to buy the premium currency first because the lowest amount of iron available right now is 500 for $5. That is the problem with premium currencies. Companies can price the items just below or above the minimum purchase to make you spend more than you otherwise would need to for the item you want. For some of you reading this, this is common knowledge. But my solution would be this.

Get rid of the premium currency model and charge money straight up instead of having to buy iron. Also lower the price for skins, $10 for 5 weapon skins is a bit much. You’re asking 1/6 the price of the retail value of the game for a few skins.

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