Gears 5 Microtransactions (How to fix the system)

Give this video a look! This dude does a pretty good job at explaining how Gears 5 microtransactions are terrible and how TC can improve the whole system.

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The micro transactions in this game are a complete rip off. Do not spend real money on this ■■■■. TC greedy behavior has to be punished. Gears 4 was bad, but this is new low.

Definitely thumbs down for this video. Spends 11 minutes whining about microtransactions and spends literally 1 second mentioning the post launch maps are free.

Doesn’t mention at all the lack of a season pass or map packs that segregated the community in last gen Gears games.

Doesn’t mention the free post launch content like maps, game modes, hero characters, map builder for horde/versus maps, new map tilesets and Tour of Duty cosmetics.

Gears 3 you’re spending over $100 to get all the content and it had microtransaction on top of that.

Gears 5 you spend $60 and don’t have to spend more and get everything but whats in the store, which is a minority of the cosmetic content.

I’ll wager the majority of gamers would rather have optional cosmetic microtransactions over paying for a season pass/map packs. Its the more consumer friendly model.