Gears 5 Medals Glitched?

So the Mulcher Body Count Medal not keeping progress… neither is Paduks Running Scared. Anyone else having this issue?


Made a post for this here already. Easier for TC to keep track of things in one thread.

The Mulcher medal can currently be obtained by killing with the Snub for whatever reason.

Yeah running scared can’t get it not sure why

“running scared” doesn’t work on Frenzy or normal Horde, and, with his ultimate or his Faze card…any solution ?

For Mulcher Body Count, it looks like it works with Keegan (not verified),… I got the medal with Clayton (it’s better with him, and in addition, I got the medal with the last eliminations with the snub pistol !)

Was having this problem and saw that I wasn’t the only one. I used Clayton with snub and got the medal.

Tried it with Clayton didn’t work, will try Keegan.

Yeah the Paduks Running Scared Medal is not working for me as well and noticed Snub pistol kills gave me the mulcher medal as well.

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TESTED IT: Keegan Pistol kills 100% is the only way to do mulcher body count oddly enough. So if you need the stars. You use keegan pistols.

I have the medal and I haven’t been using Keegan.


I finally got it with Marcus using snub.


Same here.


Same Problem… running scared and mulcher bugged

Just use the snub, to get the mulcher medal…


I’m having issues with running scared too it says o kills no matter how many times I try

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Running scared is blocking out Horde players from that 5k Coin reward. Anything we can do if medals reset before it’s fixed?

Also what happens after week 1 ends? (I just got back into Horde for the first time since launch week) Do all the medals reset?

I can also confirm that the mulcher medal does work with the snub. In my case it was Marcus.

actually pistol kills in vs works too

I got my mulcher medal by using fahz with the marks, both weapon medals unlocked at the same time.

probably too late but it just the end of the week, nothing happens till the last week.

The mulcher medal works now, but the running scared is not fixed yet. I did the fear eliminations on horde frenzy, regular horde, insane horde frenzy, activated fear and not killed the ones affected, tried to eliminate the ones affected, executed them, executed the non affected ones, let someone else kill them. Yet, the medal is glitched, you can’t obtain this yet… sadly. So until they do, there is no obtaining this medal and completing the horde medals.