Gears 5 Medal Grinding

Hey all, I’m looking for tips on how to grind the Basics medals as quickly as humanly possible. Found a big collection of posts somewhere around here but they didn’t provide any insight that I found to be particularly helpful. Thanks in advance for the replies.

Run the “The Hive” Escape map on beginner. When you get to the half way point at the safe room you have a chance when you leave it to get juvies to spawn. If you get juvies it is the fast way to get the 2500 juvie kills. You also can the 300 talon kills if you run Lahni and if go in the right supply room right before the Ice Scion part you can get frags for the 250 Frag kills.

Del fortification challenge of building 300 things. Just load wave 50 on beginner and you will start out with 55000 power. Just build barriers and you will get 17 a run. If you run with multiple people they can donate their power and you will get more.

Complete 5 hordes and Complete horde as the 6 Main Heroes. Just load wave 50 on each character and beat and you will get these two challenges.

JD hero challenge. Load wave 41 and just spam the GL Grenade till your out of power and restart the horde back to wave 41. Its a annoying grind but its the fastest way probably.

Hope this tips will be useful for you good luck on your grind :grin::+1:


For Marcus’s head shots play beginner and turn on aim assist, for kaits executions just retro charge everything and her medal will be done by like wave 10. Jack is the most tedious one to get with the 1000 assists.

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For Jack’s assists, load private horde on beginner wave 1 with bots. Just fly around and give each enemy a quick zap. Let the bots clean them up. It is a little monotonous but faster then trying it in an actual match.


Besides the really helpful topics already on this forum I also looked at vids on youtube to check how most of the medals are completed, there are few on there which are pretty good.

Be ready though some are a long proper grind and no quick easy way to complete them.

This also really helps for collecting power. Enemies drop more power if Kait is close enough.