Gears 5 Master Horde (NO JD/ NO KAIT)

This was only tough in the early waves but we made it through. Hadn’t played horde consistently in about 4 months. The swarmak is no longer a tough boss to deal with.


Good job man.

In addition to your achievement here. Maybe add a little something to how you did this for others to learn from. :+1:

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Geez depressing me how people can do this. I’ve had a frustrating week on horde. Only mastered one map, harbour.

Still have asylum, bunker, dam, foundation, icebound, lift, training grounds and vasgar to go! Had a few near misses this week, had an excellent base built last night on asylum in under 20 rounds. All that was left to do was build turrets and people could buy perks. Wave 20 swarmak. I had a jack doing excellent work, I was del and also had kait, JD and Lizzie. We got whipped. I find the swarmak kills me 7/10 times with randoms unless I have a Clayton. I think I’d rather ditch Lizzie for Clayton on open maps where you get a swarmak.

Yeah, I will probably end up making a separate tutorial video. I’ve only completed this once and attempted this once so I myself am still figuring out ways to perfect it.

Clayton completely neutralizes the swarmak with “infinite” stuns. But yeah, clayton is better than lizzie for sure.


Well if you ever need another player to join in, just let me know. I’m always willing to help.

And if you get that vid up, you should share the link here.


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