Gears 5: Master Escape Score Run on Forever (-01:55:15) #1 spot globally

Managed to snag the #1 spot on Forever! This map is fuggin cancer with that damage and random ■■■ spawn​:joy::joy: you really gotta get lucky. You could sit there for days and get a bad spawn. Enjoy! As always shoutout to my trusted escape squad. Smudge bad and turnerburner


Nice run. That map was always a toss up in what you could get and getting the good spawns could be annoying. But at least Ironman is gone so once you get the desired spawn, you are set (assuming the second act gets a good one too.)

Yea for sure! We got super lucky we got the first half back to back . After the saferoom is when we had to restart once because we got nothing. So pretty lucky there only needing 1 restart.