Gears 5 Master Escape: All 18 classes solo'd on The Line

After doing this with Kat, my buddy @xSMUDGE_BATx said " no other class has an excuse" in regards to being able to solo this hive on Master.

He was right.



Well done mate!


Thanks dude!

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Still thinking of doing that no card run?


The no card would basically look the same as the infiltrator run where I used only two cards: driven, cloak batteries. Driven wasn’t useful at all and I think I can get away with not having cloak batteries.

Now “No Cards/No Ult”… That would be rough. I’ll have to revisit it.


The Red Shirt run. I’d like to see that.



Plans on destroying all the other hives with every class too? I’m curious which ones “aren’t possible”.

One could compromise a list of hives with all classes and in which operation they have been soloed (since TC tends to change them almost any operation - or even mid-drops it looks like). Could be an interesting statitistics. If we’d put our resources together, we should be able to knock out most of the hives with plenty of classes pretty quickly.

With we I don’t only mean me, I’m also looking at the Spanish community for instance. They’ve done a bunch too already.

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Thx man!

Off the top of my head this can also be done with a lot of the easier maps. Ice Queen, wanderer, Labyrinth, the hive, hive past hive. Lethal Engagements.

Beetle has dominated the Warren. Probably can do all classes there- Or at least he can.

Great Defensor has dominated Venom Run-he has maybe done all classes there.

Maps that are either impossible or extremely hard would be Gatekeepers, The Split, The Surge, the onslaught. I don’t see how a class like combat medic can do anything on the gatekeepers. It would be a miracle just to get passed the first set of

The mist is a joke with 3 people but can be a problem solo with weaker classes. I did it as robotics expert recently and that was not easy. Not sure how a class like striker would fair on that map.

My buddy has done melee brawl as tactician but that was the game of his

When I’m done moving I was planning on doing all maps as Nomad as my next big challenge.

Similarly how it can be done on The Surge. Working around with Overdoing It. It’s extremely though but certainly doable. The Gatekeepers doors are still busted if I’m not mistaken?

In which section do you see struggle potential? I currently don’t see an issue with that hive. Not quite sure which boss is triggered with the Warden but either lock in the Matriarch and hope for no camera-shake or let the Carrier snail its way from far away towards the helipad.

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I think any class can complete after saferoom, on The mist, before the saferoom would be the problem I think.

You have to be pretty efficient on the mist and the amount of sires is incredibly tedious. I haven’t done any tests but I think the venom is going to be to fast for that class. There is also a portion of enemies right before saferoom- an assortment of drones/scions/sires and poppers that will likely be problematic for that class even if you made it that far.

I’d have to review combat medic cards but I don’t see how you complete that one. After killing the juvies I honestly can’t see a legit successful plan.

I haven’t done any tests either but with some precise shots, the Sires are dealth with fairly quickly. You start of with Markza and Longshot which gives you a great start for this hive. Before the saferoom there’s potential to lure them around and ignore some enemies.

If the doors are still busted, then you can run through. If they’re not… well then it’s going to be quite though yep…

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I’m not entirely sure what you mean by busted. I think you still have to kill the swarmak. When I did it as lahni, the doors wouldn’t close on their own after I killed the swarmak and the venom was all the way to the door.

Or do you mean you can shut the door without killing swarmak?


I remember that it was possible once yes. But I’d have to check it again. In fact, all gates were open.

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:joy::joy: You a clown Dennis.

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Brings a tear to my eye seeing you two playing nice.


I just think even if that happens.Making the saferoom is still going to be a chore. Venom is super fast also.

Meanwhile, in the world of normal players, many don’t even know how to get to the central supply room without alerting the Scions… :wink:

Although I did manage to teach a randomer yesterday (whose name I recognised from quite high up in a few Escape leaderboards) just through a couple of trial and errors. They kept going over the low wall behind the taller wall. One person at a time eh?

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True, maybe they don’t know or maybe they’re impatient. Both are 50/50. It usually happens when a Brawler is Here!

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There are certain contexts you will alert those first two scions near the central supply room (even if you are walking) if they are too close to that room. If it’s a mulcher scion in that context you probably just need to reload the map. It is surprising people don’t know how to walk to the central supply room as if the map just came out…

@Imstifu , patience is so important in certain sections of escape. It’s far easier dealing with stationary targets than ones that are moving around. Shame that some people still don’t know that.

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