Gears 5 maps - why only 7 originals new maps and just all fathers arena added

simple question, does anyone know if or when there will be new multiplayer maps added?

when i say new i mean new maps and not remade maps from older games

i presumed operation 3 would have brought new maps but didn’t

please don’t count FFA maps as new

thanks all

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We should be getting new maps with operation 3 along with remakes.

Operation 3 doesnt start until April 1st, it was delayed by a month.

that great, thank you

We’re all asking the same question.

Guess they thought g4 maps would suffice.

They should just throw in all the gears 4 maps in the pool.


I see operation 3 is only bringing one new map to versus, sorry but do they not understand new games need new maps!!!

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