Gears 5: Map Suggestions & Posibilities - Contributions Welcome ๐Ÿ‘

(GnashinPumpkinz) #85

How about impact intact: the plane crashed but is still intact and not damaged. it still divides the map, both teams cant pass and are stuck on their half of the map. they can only dropshot people over the plane or throw any type of grenadesโ€ฆ or you know jerk around in the spawn and show off wallbounce skills. the team woth more kills or better wallbounce skills wins the match.

Edit: Players who are using beird or dizzy as a skin can repair the plane and fly to new euphera.

(III EnVii III) #86

This sounds better than actually having to play on Impact :joy:


8 bit impact
Filtered impact (using popular snap and ig filters)
Impact pizza

(III EnVii III) #88

Nice :joy:

(JMBSR574) #89

It would be nice if they would put maps from all previous gears titles in game free of charge since weโ€™ve had to pay for many 2-3 times if not more. There are so many maps in all the gears games so far,Iโ€™m not sure how many in all,but they already have a great start if you consider how many maps that are in this game from previous titles, and they could leave them as they are or make minor tweaks if wanted. Then focus on all the maps that have yet to be remastered and please more brand new maps. If necessary maybe leave out different variations of the same map, ex. Impact Dark, Reclaimed Windflare ect. ectโ€ฆ

(mizzelphug) #90

(Nitewalkar) #91

Landed here to actually suggest the GOW1 map โ€˜Processโ€™ for GOW5. But I see what you guys are doing here now.

Impact Imulsion?

(III EnVii III) #92

I love Process, one of my all time favourite maps.

And I like the suggestion :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::metal: