Gears 5: Map Suggestions & Posibilities - Contributions Welcome πŸ‘

(LorrdexPL) #43

Impact Winter of Sorrow
Impact Pendulum
Impact Lava
Impact Mars
Impact Moon
Impact Cork
Impact Bork
Impact Dork
Impact York
Impact New York
Impact Razorhail
Allfather’s Impact
Impact UIR
Impact Plush
Impact Tundra
Impact Copa America 2019
Impact 10 000 BCE
Impact Tyrus
Impact Gorasnaya
Impact Kashkur
Impact Pesang
Impact WW1
Impact WW2

(LorrdexPL) #45

Fixed, Geez :grinning:

(RINZLER 2849) #47

Impact Silverback
Impact Chicken (remember that map in gears 3 with chickens all over the place?)
Impact Black Steel
Impact $

(mendigo2005) #48

Impact Sandbar

(III EnVii III) #49

Thank you for suggestions, they have been added in :+1:

(Bleeding Pepper) #50

Why not Impact 2016? That’s basically the classic version of Impact! Everyone wants that one.

(III EnVii III) #51

I’m going with a theme of not doing sole numbers or dates :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(SmokeTastyBuds) #52

Ooh I just thought of something, could we have a forest fire variant of impact jungle?

Various areas slowly become consumed by insta-downing flame until only the centre section is left.
Using flame grenades will increase the speed with which the map is consumed.

(III EnVii III) #53

Sounds Awsome :+1:

I’ve added it to the list :blush:

(Skelface) #54

What’s the probability of The Coalition actually making one of these maps for Gears of War 5 just for the sake of this joke? :thinking:

(III EnVii III) #55

I’m sure they will use this as inspiration

(villa casual 42) #56

You got impact vegetarian and impact veggan.
Impact gluten free , for all the coelliacs.
That way my wife could play without worry of being bad lol.

(III EnVii III) #57

Aha I like it, added in :+1:

(SmokeTastyBuds) #58

Impact ice rink? Has that been suggested yet?

(III EnVii III) #59

No it hasn’t - added in :+1:

(SmokeTastyBuds) #60

You know I’m actually half hoping TC just trolls the s#@& out of us and gears 5 multiplayer maps are just those on this list. :joy:

(III EnVii III) #61

They could do that on April Fools day for sure :joy::raised_hands:

(SmokeTastyBuds) #62

I love the sound of impact chicken.
If they threw in the lambent chicken Easter egg to :relieved: that would be sweeeet.

(III EnVii III) #63

Aha yup!

I’m sure there was a chicken on Old Town in Gears 3? :joy:

(GnashinPumpkinz) #64

that looks insanely awesome