Gears 5: Map Suggestions & Posibilities - Contributions Welcome 👍

Don’t forget Impact Remastered.

I think you forgot Gears of Impact
Impact Locust
Lambent Impact
Impact Swarm
Former Impact
Impact Berserker

Impact Gridlock.

Impact Slightly Overcast

Seriously though I would love a map set in the remains of the giant worm from gears 2. Also im really bored off gridlock, ive been playing that map since 2006 so I wouldn’t be sad if they added it later as dlc or something.

I already have that one, so you owe me another one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::+1:

Aha nice, now added to the list!

Impact Riftworm :raised_hands:

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Impact 2016
Impact Sepia

Sepia I can take :grimacing::open_hands:

windflare windflare
tornado thunder
flying hitler
pouncing continent
twisting barn
barney twist

got some more:
welcome contribution
servers lagged
sewers leaked
immulsion immersive
convoy conveyed
dizzy dizzy
impact bark

honestly this whole thread gave me an idea and that’s a good thing ,
i think there is a lots of potential to create map in theater like mission we did in gears of war 1 or ultimate edition . you can call the map theater with new atmosphere setting. or for the sake of thread you can call it impact theater.

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Impact Theater - I Like it :+1:


Hopefully this joke goes too far, that they stop doing remakes of same Maps. :+1:

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atleast we all can do appreciate the amount of work artists put in to creating such a beauty like this .
this is impact map concept art by Malte Langheim Concept Artist at Splash Damage. such a scenery.


How about “No Impact” which is the area before the plane crashes…oh wait, that would require effort by TC to design. Nevermind.


I think the reason was that they simply ran out of time to make proper maps, didn’t have enough people left to invest time into Gears 4 Maps and also their focus began going towards Gears 5 and fixing issues in Gears 4 - obviously unsuccessfully.

This combination meant that we ended up with lazy tweaks to existing maps than full remade or original maps.

It’s no excuse but I think that’s what happened.

I agree, they could have even outsourced the work.

Or at the very least brought back some more fan favourite maps from past games as even that gives you different map.

Pre-Impact: An interactive map like Avalanche with a timed/triggered event that changes the whole map layout.

I know the thread is a joke but I’d prefer more dynamic things like that. UE4 renders in real-time so there’s no reason why it couldn’t read your system clock/region setting and change the map’s time of day based on real life conditions if a user wanted it too. If you’re playing at 6:30am in the middle of summer then you’ll see the sun rising in the game as well. Someone could be playing 6hours away and on their end see the lighting as Noon within the exact same match.

Or just set it at server level to be on a rotating 12/24hour clock for more consistency while still rotating the environmental lighting.

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Impact drunk
Impact tcapmi
Impact e-day
Impact V-Day

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This is probably how impact should have been in the 1st place. The map starts normal, and midway through if you’re anywhere in the middle you get killed by the plane crash.