Gears 5: Map Suggestions & Posibilities - Contributions Welcome πŸ‘

So we all know how much we loved Impact - it was THEE standout map for Gears 4.

And because it was such a great map, we got an amazing brand new map inspired by it called Impact Dark.

Now, I wanted to see how many suggestions we can get for possible Gears 5 maps?

Please feel free to contribute and add to the list :v:

Impact Dark
Impact Bright
Impact Sunset
Impact Sunrise
Impact Hot
Impact Cold
Impact Desert
Impact Snow
Impact Wet
Impact Icey
Impact Garden
Impact Beach
Impact Freezing
Impact Dry
Impact Damp
Impact Moist
Impact Haze
Impact Fog
Impact Windflare
Impact Cloudy
Impact Thunder
Impact Twilight
Impact Space
Impact Galactic
Impact Shadow
Impact Glitter
Impact Rainbow
Impact Flood
Impact Jungle
Impact Forest
Impact Oceon
Impact River
Impact Lake
Impact Tropical
Impact Earthquake
Impact Tsunami
Impact Monsoon
Impact Eclipse
Impact Solar Eclipse
Impact Lunar Eclipse
Impact Deep
Impact Tornado
Impact Hurricane
Impact Wasteland
Impact Prehistoric
Impact Jurassic
Impact Apex
Impact Hail
Impact Storm
Impact Hollow
Impact Royal
Impact Blitz
Impact Speed
Impact Slow
Impact Sand
Impact Dunes
Impact Hill
Impact Mountain
Impact Cave
Impact Halloween
Impact Easter
Impact Christmas
Impact New Years Day
Impact Birthday
Impact Life
Impact Death
Impact Wealth
Impact Poverty
Impact Happy
Impact Sad
Impact Celebration
Impact Graduation
Impact Guilty
Impact Innocence
Impact Brutal
Impact Colour Blast
Impact Luchador
Impact Bakery
Impact Fast Food
Impact Vegan
Impact Vegetarian
Impact Pescatarian
Impact Sunk
Impact City
Impact Countryside
Impact Sugar
Impact Salt
Impact Spice
Impact Inferno
Impact Blaze
Impact Fire
Impact Air
Impact Magic
Impact Burn
Impact Library
Impact Temple
Impact Sandbar
Impact Hideout
Impact Blizzard
Impact Arctic
Impact Avalanche
Impact Farm
Impact Kyrllstorm
Impact Meteor
Impact Crator
Impact Remaster
Impact Remade
Impact Overcast
Impact Heaven
Impact Hell
Impact Wonderland
Impact Battlefied
Impact Warzone
Impact Fever
Impact Temperature
Impact Park
Impact Shopping
Impact Hotel
Impact Holiday
Impact Gym
Impact Locust
Impact Lambent
Impact Imulsion
Impact Serenity
Impact eSports
Impact Gridlock
Impact Invasion
Impact Aggression
Impact Rage
Impact Super
Impact Alpha
Impact Omega
Impact Beta
Impact First
Impact Middle
Impact Last
Impact Road
Impact Motorway
Impact Street
Impact Town
Impact Hideout
Impact Getaway
Impact Temporary
Impact Permanent
Impact Weather
Impact Sepia
Impact Black White
Impact Intense
Impact HDR
Impact Maximum
Impact Minimum
Impact Shade
Impact Dreams
Impact Nightmare
Impact Ghost
Impact Banshee
Impact Gnasher
Impact All
Impact None
Impact Deadzone
Impact Aftermath
Impact Memory
Impact Dirty
Impact Clean
Impact Forever
Impact Never
Impact Collision
Impact Colide
Impact Surpreme
Impact Casual
Impact Normal
Impact Hardcore
Impact Insane
Impact Inconceivable
Impact Ironman
Impact Challenge
Impact King
Impact Queen
Impact Prince
Impact Princess
Impact Army
Impact Local
Impact Hesit
Impact Jewls
Impact Mud
Impact Trenches
Impact Civilised
Impact Advanced
Impact Future
Impact Past
Impact Present
Impact Flowers
Impact Weeds
Impact Crazy
Impact Natural
Impact Wholesome
Impact Candy
Impact Lost
Impact Found
Impact Near
Impact Far
Impact Close
Impact Theatre
Impact Immersive
Impact Surreal
Impact Nightmare
Impact Terror
Impact Mystery
Impact Belief
Impact Discovery
Impact Forbidden
Impact Lull
Impact Void
Impact Time
Impact Quantum
Impact Puzzle
Impact Excelence
Impact Elegance
Impact Royal
Impact Winter of Sorrow
Impact Pendulum
Impact Lava
Impact Mars
Impact Moon
Impact New York
Impact Plush
Impact Pesang
Impact WW1
Impact WW2
Impact Chickens
Impact Luxury
Impact Forest Fire
Impact Wild Fire
Impact Gluten Free
Impact Ice Ring
Impact Courtyard
Impact Pitchside
Impact Stadium
Impact Arena
Impact Inverted
Impact Polarised
Impact Random Tuning
Impact Impact
Impact 8-bit
Impact 16-bit
Impact 32-bit
Impact 64-bit
Impact Pizza
Impact Filter
Impact Everyone’s Welcome
Impact Snowflakes Paradise
Impact No Guns, All Bounce
Impact Strict Matchmaking
Impact No Region Change
Impact Sponge
Impact Fluctuate
Impact Minecraft
Impact Hive
Impact Settlement
Impact Village



Impact Flood.
Impact Wasteland.
Impact Prehistoric.
Impact Apex.
Impact Hail.
Impact Storm.
Impact Hollow.
Impact Royal.
Impact Garden.


Thank you for the suggestions, all have been added in :grimacing::+1:

Impact Windflare
Impact Blitz

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Luchador Impact
Impact Color Blast


Thank you, they have been added in and a few more :wink:

Deep Impact (Morgan Freeman DLC Character)
Impact Wrestling


I’m liking the descriptions and I’ve added those plus they gave me some inspiration of my own :+1:

Morgan Freeman would be a $19.99 paid character but he would be in a 3 card RNG Box with 20 other possible cards :+1:

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Impact Temple.
Impact Blizzard.
Impact Arctic.
Impact Avalanche.
Impact Farm.
Impact Kyrllstorm.

Added in, thank you :+1:

I think a Kryll Storm one would be epic - especially with the lights randomly going on / off :raised_hands:

  • Impact 06:00
  • Impact 07:00
  • Impact 08:00
  • …
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I don’t get it :eyes:

Every hour of the day. They alright did day and night, why not split it up into each hour.

LoL ok now I get it :joy:

But I need names!


Real talk I don’t want checkout, blood drive or gridlock. They’ve had their time to shine.

Only one from 4 I’d like to see in 5 is foundation or dam.

Dawn and Relic aren’t that bad :+1:


Im intrigued by your final suggestion, would this be impact only the entire centre section is just a massive radioactive crater that screws with your vision and bleeds hp away until you climb back out? Then every 20 seconds after your character starts vomiting uncontrollably for several seconds and eventually dies anyway…

Please coalition don’t do nothing crazy to appeal to new people. I need the classic gears back…

Impact Impact -

It’s a map that was inspired because the original is so good, it’s 2 identical versions stitched together so that you get the biggest map ever in a Gears Game :+1:

Although your version sounds better, this is what I intended.

I opened the list with Impact and end the list with Impact Impact.

However, I will take your suggestion forward and it will be:

Impact Meteor

Exactly this :+1: - the only map we want back is Impact :raised_hands:

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Impact Colorblast.

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