Gears 5 map didn't check mastered

i completed Bunker on master but it doesn’t check it on mastered.

is it a bug?

Was it definitely the full 1-50? I find it says master if you finish wave 50 on that map but don’t get the tick if ya joined after game start, just a possibility

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yes i’ve started it from the beginning.
my friend has it too with multiple maps.
it started with the latest gears 5 update

Can you remember if at any point you may have been disconnected and rejoined?

I notice this happens when you clear wave 50, but had missed one or more waves.

I joined some friends midway through a Master game on Vasgar (as one of them had to leave so I filled in) and completed waves 30-50 and this is what mine looks like.

I think the same happened to my Bunker run too. I did it in the first two weeks and the servers were poo then, and I must have gotten disconnected and rejoined, and maybe missed a wave?

Yeah I don’t have all the modifiers unlocked on maps where I KNOW for a fact I did 1-50 on masters. It must be a bug or I might have dc’ed sometime during the 50 waves.

the ping was abnormally high (around 200)
but i didn’t disconnected from the game.