Gears 5 making my pc to restart

Sometimes, when I open gears 5, it makes my laptop restart, Is anyone else have this problem? This hasn’t happen with other games. I have the drivers on date.

My laptops specs:
Predator g9-593
i7-7700hq 2.6
gtx 1060 6gb
16gb ram ddr4

Usually when these things happen, it’s either a sign of a bad power supply or CPU / GPU overheating, the game itself won’t reboot your your laptop.

What solution would you advise of this? Because my pc keeps restarting too once I hear the cooling fans speed up I fear that it will crash and then it does :confused:

But it only restarts for gears 5 not other games like fortnite which I never play…

Best to my knowledge Gears 5 is more demanding to hardware than Fortnight. I’d suggest either playing at lower settings or taking the PC for servicing; optionally you can install a tool like SpeedFan to monitor the CPU temp or use the Windows’ Task Manager.

I have to verify, because its just sometimes, like 2 every 5, I was monitoring the temperature while I was playing. The GPU was around 70 and the CPU around 68ish. I’ll try lowering the settings to see if it happens again.

Thanks for you answer

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Thanks for the reply.
I have my settings to low/medium already

My specs are at the minimum requirements but would you suggest upgrading a specific requirement is that solved the problem? And if so, which spec should I upgrade?

I don’t upgrade is the answer, my theory is that it’s a either a faulty power supply / motherboard or CPU/GPU overheating. If that’s an option, the PC for servicing or start measuring CPU/GPU temperatures.

That didn’t fix it but a bios update did believe it or not! Cheers mate