Gears 5 Main Ranking Thread

That’s if it even gives points for winning.

Like I just won a Guardian match 3-1.
I went 15-3.
Both times I was the leader I survived.
I killed their leader once.
Match lasted over 20 minutes.
-122 points.

I need to have a word with TC. I don’t know how it works in other modes but in Guardian it’s clear to me the 2 most important things (surviving as leader/killing enemy leader) are not accounted for in determining points awarded. Seems the ranking system just wants that phat K/D + win, and maybe, MAYBE, it will award points.

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I get that I haven’t played a ton of games in this gametype, but it’s laughable it placed me at Bronze 2.

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But it’s really fun to get placed way, way below your true rank, so you can take huge pride and accomplishment in grinding your way up to where you should be /s

To be clear, I get the reasoning, but it’s too extreme. It should place you a tier below your true rank imho.

This rule of making everyone place bronze or silver after placements is stupid and makes the placement matches pretty pointless. You can play at master level and get placed in silver, and some gold player can play at gold level and get placed in silver. That’s fair right? :roll_eyes:

Anybody else stuck in Gold 3?

Highest I could get was at the top 24%. I did mess up, by losing every other match after that, so I got placed back in Gold 2.

I’m Gold 3 once again, but can’t get past 77% this time…
Do you need to get MVP all the time or something? (I’m playing with randoms by the way)

I just wanna get to Onyx again like I did in Gears 4…

Thank you guys so much for bringing us FFA, I can’t wait.

To not have to put up with teammates is going to be amazing, who gets 150 eliminations and loses? I also received 0 points for the entire match, but hey at least I didn’t lose points for once.

Bring on FFA!


Clearly you underperformed there. The system expected you to get 250 eliminations. You barely carried.

I don’t know what you’re complaining about. :roll_eyes:



Not complaining, rejoicing for FFA :grinning:

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Same here buddy. Can’t wait to not be hamstrung by this games matchmaking anymore.

The game can put me in FFA lobbies against anyone it wants. I’m confident in my ability and am relishing the prospect of seeing how high I can get on the leaderboards.

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I carried against a favored team with a 13,000 skill point difference and still lost points for winning 1 round

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LOL, I’ve been in Diamond 2 for few days unfort. Every time I drop little lower in percent I get a decent team, when I’m at promotion it’s always afkers, feeders, green players, quitters and (worse of all ) chokers against a stack or more. Then there’s all that and then the games that have icebound/bunker in rotation and ppl actually vote for them.

Like y.

System might be working the way it’s intended, in fact it’s not really all that different than before from my perspective but, matchmaking really soils the entire experience.

I know right, i would rather hammer a nail through my hand than play those arguably worst in the series maps


A friend of mine lost 6000 points in the first round of TDM. This is absolutely ridiculous. He did earn positive points after winning second and third round. Also he had MVP 27-6.

Just imagine if we would of lost that match. That would of knocked him down to bronze.

There seriously needs to be a cap on points gain and points lost. Nobody should have to see numbers like that. image


I have never seen points in the 1000’s like that before Jesus, mine are always in the 100’s, I was diamond in gears 4 btw lol

The most I have lost is 4K and we won the match. I typically get onyx3 in four and five.

You lose more points at lower rank tiers. It’s relative to the 20k total and the fact only a certain percentage of players can be in each given rank.

You lost 6k but look at how much you stood to gain, about the same. The more you go up the values you gain and lose become less, if you go down it’s the opposite.

Around Gold to Onyx values are between 500-100 in terms of gain/loss.

Diamond + the values are like 70.

D3 and Masters it’s around 10-30 on average ( you can gain more than the here if you perform exceptionally well, just like any other rank ofc).

Losing a 100-200 in Diamond is about the equivalent to this. That could be the difference of a tier because D1 doesn’t start till 19400 or so and at that point there’s only 600 points left in the system between Masters and the other D tiers.

Point is, it’s based on what skill group you’re currently in relative to how much points are left to be gained. (20K)

The higher you go up the system places more expectations on your performance relative to however everyone else is performing at and below your skill group. At lower ranks the system can be very liberal with the points because the expectations for someone perceived to be in the bottom/middle percent of players aren’t high.

So if you perform well you will gain a ton of points until it moves you to a skill group where the performance expectations meet whatever skill level you’re at but the amount you gain or lose from that point is based on what’s left.

That’s mad I don’t think I have ever lost the many points before, I have gained and lost over 1000 points but not over 2k, I have been diamond 3 I’m gears 4 and diamond 2 in 5 but struggling to get there again now lol

He lost 6000 points in one round… that’s a bug… no one should ever lose 6000 points in one round, not even a whole game.

This is absolutely absurd lol


The game applys its expectation for you every round not every match.

I don’t think it’s a bug at all tbh. When I did my placement matches, the points I gained were like that until I got to Gold.

It’s demoralizing to see large losses like that, I understand that, but it doesn’t really mean that much if you’re really low because you can get them back just as quickly…

I understand what your saying I play with this person and every game I ask how much points you lost on that match and its always in the 1000’s and its so that good players have to go through this making them want to quit this game.

For every match you play and win points would be taken away on one bad game for all you worked for since you’ve been online and that’s the problem that’s going on there should be no way for this to be happening to anyone especially when you win a game


I’m in forever Silver 3-Gold 1 limbo. Gain 2 to 300 points on wins. Get shot down 2,400 points for losses. Life is a lie.

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