Gears 5 Main Ranking Thread

Omg. A tier system freak! Go tier troll some where else! Lol

Just saw this on JMotionZ stream. Two quitters on his team, but scores twice as high as the 2nd place person in the lobby: -408 tier points. Somehow the ranking system seems to be getting worse with time since the update.

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Firstly TC needs to implement something that makes the point loss ease up when ppl quit.

Now, he was accountable for more then a third of the overall skill points and he lost.
Soooo… Yeah.

Which is an enormous issue in and of itself.

The podcast described the rank system as being primarily based on individual performance. How is there any scenario in which it makes sense for MVPing while doubling the next closest player in the lobby to result in de-ranking?

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If the W/L indeed isn’t that important.
Well then it seems they need to work more on their skill system.

TL;DR git gud scurb. Dark souls fans are already used to the grind bb :joy:

Beating Gears5’s ranking system is like beating all the bosses from Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1-3, Sekiro and Bloodborne at the same time.


So it seems that even if you have quitters on your team you are still projected to win.


Real question is why that guy is almost half his team’s predicted points but I can play as a silver 2 (around 12 to 15000 points because one win or loss is like a 1000 point game) and get in games with 78000 plus points for both teams. Doesn’t make sense that a high diamond player is in such a low point game. Bronze is God tier, change my mind…

Yeah what is up with their menus!!! Firstly when you’re in a large group no one can vote on a map… no one can see their character to change load out… this new problem of having people “the lobby dissolved due to a player quitting” is at an all time high! And if it’s not that the lobby will continue to say “creating match” until it brings you back to the main menu and re-ques… I want to see the ranks I’m facing and the points they gain and lose! If people quit because of that let them and give them a ton of negative points. Or banning IP address. People creating smurf accounts to play a broken ranking system to only quit deserve to be IP banned… I want transparency! I want the dev to actually go to work and solve issues and not create ■■■■■■■■ FFA game mode that nobody ■■■■■■■ asked for! Why is it only one game mode? Why can’t we get most of the previous game modes from the gears series!

That is the most accurate sentence I’ve ever read on this forum today! I would know I’ve beaten almost all of them… :’)

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Couldn’t finish Sekiro though… I know, shame on me. I just didn’t like the combat system… :frowning:

@mike_yaworski to what you were saying in the other thread

I literary go from Onyx 2 to Silver 3 on a DAILY basis. Today I started at Onyx 2 went back down to Silver, currently sitting at Gold 2 at the moment, I get crazy point swings. But heres the thing no matter how good I do the most I get is under 500, but even when I MVP and lose I can lose anywhere from 1200 to 1500


Yeah that is just crazy. I think Silver takes up too much of the curve.


Yeah this is one of the worst ranking systems in any game I’ve ever seen. I don’t think the update fixed anything. Was a diamond king player in 4 almost every season. Just played four straight king games and I’m at a silver three. Finished 1st or second in points in the entire lobby every game. Got between -100 to -150 in losses. Then when I finally win one because I get competent teammates, 2-0, and finish with 2500 more points than anyone on my team I go up by 40 rank points. So frustrating. Honestly have been forced to play other games, which I never do, out of pure frustration.

Please simplify ranking! You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Just cop a ranking system from another game that actually works.


Well for what it’s worth I was thrown into bronze 2 after placement in tdm and have been able to work my way up to silver 3 in a week or so

The update has made things better for a lot of people I think. What I think is main problem is actually the matchmaking. When it throws diamond into silver games and etc it messes with skill points in silver games. Sure the ranking system still needs tweaking but I think if they improve matchmaking that would make the tier points rewarded after the game make more sense I think.

Also there’s still a ■■■■ ton of people in silver. Not sure about gold. But that makes it a grind. I was stuck in top 1-7% in silver 2 for a couple days because of it.

I think I’ll just stop playing until this resolves itself.

Just is awful, playing like crazy and losing so much rank because of a bad system. As more people power-derank into silver, the more people will be dragged down, effectively dragging everyone down with them. I am down from masters, onyx, and soon diamond.

If my team is filled with chaff, an afk, or a mid-game leaver, the game becomes me vs literally everyone causing major toxic tendencies. And I have seen it growing in me, realizing the game is not co-op anymore.

Fix this trash system before it kills your game. Steam sales will only save it for so long.



Doesn’t even need to be permanent. Just switch to a more simplified and straightforward ranking system while you dabble with the one you have now until you’re 10000000000% sure it works at least adequately.


This system suffers from the same problem as the one in GoW4 did - you have to outperform people of much higher rank/skill to move up within your rank tier (in GoW4 as a silver playing with Onyx and Diamonds you had to outperform those much better players before you could go from silver to gold - which makes no sense).

Here’s an example from last night.

End of round one:

So in that round I had: 24 eliminations, 5 caps, 3 breaks, 1 down, and 3558 points

End of the match:

Looking at these numbers and subtracting what I had at the end of the round 1, I get:

23 Elimination, 6 caps, 0 breaks, 5 downs, and 2958 points

So putting the two rounds side by side

24 eliminations, 5 caps, 3 breaks, 1 down, 3558 points
23 elimination, 6 caps, 0 breaks, 5 downs ,2958 points

So to me, those are pretty comparable. I got 55% of my points in round 1, 45% of my points in round 2, but beyond that, pretty close, IMO.

Here’s the final result:

I got almost FOUR TIMES as many skill points in the first round as in the second around…

My performance didn’t really change between those rounds. The win/loss result was the same…

So what changed? My team mates did better in the second round than in first! So even though MY performance stayed about the same, I suffered because my team mates did better… Those team mates are higher ranked/skilled than me… So, trying to move out of Silver I have to keep outperforming people who are much better at the game than I am , on my own team…

I honestly don’t care… G5 is something I play out of momentum and to play with people I know and like, couldn’t care less what rank the system gives me, but I hate illogical stupidity and I feel the whole approach to this fits into that category. Can I understand what they did, mathematically? Yes, of course. Do I think it’s appropriate and correct in this situation? IF EVERY TEAM WAS MADE UP OF PEOPLE OF (MORE OR LESS) EQUAL RANK/SKILL THEN YES. With mixed rank/skilled teams, this approach breaks down. Comparing how a silver does, relative to onyx/diamond, when deciding if (s)he should move to gold, makes no sense…


I cannot listen to this BS anymore!
I still get over -1000 for winning a game ? The whole rank resets changed NOTHING!