Gears 5 Main Ranking Thread

They completely ruined the ranked experience for objective based matches, if I wanted to play team death match ranked, I would simply pick it and go into a match where objectives mean nothing, thanks gears, I was supporting you through the ruff start and even got my general in the tour of duty because I was excited for this game…however if they do not adjust accordingly I may find another game… disappointing

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I’ve seen you make this mistake before and can’t help but correct you.

Ruff = noise a dog makes, a type of bird and and a few other things
Rough = the word you’re looking for. It has several meanings, so here is a link for your reading pleasure


First time on ranked in the last few days, and the loss bias seems a lot worse than last I recall. -150 for loss/MVP -300 for loss/MVP runner up/other team favored, +10 (woo hoo :roll_eyes:) for win/MVP runnner up/other team favored. Seems like I’m at the same Silver 3 wall as I was prior to the update, but now it’s Onyx 2.

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How are the tiers divided point wise?

Is there like 500 points between each tier after gold 1?

Is it too late to withdraw every bit of praise I’ve given to the updated ranking system and Gears 5 in general?\


It’s never too late to throw some salt into the ranking system. You’re good bruh. :grin:

Ryan better do some quick work…

Clearly we need that updated scoreboard with kills and deaths :rofl:

We shouldnt get negative points if someone quits


Proof that the ranking system is broken in gears 5, I’m playing as a silver 1 and the bottom two people were playing like theyve never played the game before, needless to say we got beat 2-0

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Yes. You’re locked in.



Btw, cus i just noticed - when did that player quit on your team out of curiosity.

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AFK in middle of 2nd round.

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Stuck in endless silver 2 loop no matter how good I do. Get matched up with teammates that go 0-9. While playing

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My main issues with ranked is:

  • You can lose points if you win the match, even if you do well
  • The massive point swings that seem to make no sense… e.g. I can have similar performances two games running, but the first I earn 13 points and the next I lose -550 points
  • The way the system has a tendency to overly punish on rounds/matches lost compared to rounds/matches won… e.g. I can play 3 games, go MVP on all of them and get 500 points, then have 1 average game and lose all the points gained from them or even more

Here are some examples:

But honestly at this point in the game I’ve just decided to not care about it really. I like winning, but there are so many rules and variables that are completely out of my control it’s just deflating when I try hard to get a win and lose points from it.


I’ve just been playing Gears 4… ranked is trashed there now too and I’ve lost all my D4’s and D5’s…which, on the plus side - is making it quicker to find matches… but I find the gameplay overall more enjoyable.

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really now? gears 4 ranking competitive is trash. i placed bronze 3 in early september… just before gears 5 I’ve been bronze 3 in 2v2 gnashers for months… I’ve gone against diamond players and 7-0 them… my rank doesn’t change period! you suck the teat of coalition! I 7-0, 7-2 almost everyone i face, 1000-2000 pts every game! and i haven’t seen my rank change once! I only started playing because of my good buddies they’re die hard gears fans. they also say the ranking is garbage and I didn’t believe them but now after 3 months of playing garbage i understand.

how much time played do i have to put in before i rank? 4,000 hours just like everyone else who had the game release day, and haven’t stopped since that day. great ranking system the time aspect is totally trash and people just cant handle when someone is better than you with less time played… IT IS CALLED BEING GOOD! please take it out of ranking, use point based system like a normal company…

Go back to a simple system… save your game now! Right now nobody is their “true internal rank.” this pisses me off that you have this baboon trying to explain it.

where are the real examples? the numbers behind the rank. I want to know why I went down. I want to know how to rank in a game. do I… use certain moves? combos? doubles? triples? quads? quints? lancer damage? gnasher damage? your caps/total caps? like How am i getting ranked!!! i want to know the numbers behind the Rank!!!

sort of like this

back A - 5 points
pop shot - 2 points
Triple - 150 points
21/ 100 total caps - 500 points (objective based game only, kill based game these points should be doubled, example: Koth triple- 150pts. TDM triple- 300pts.)
Quint - 250 points
Lancer damage 1500 damage - 150points
Gnasher damage 5,000 damage - 250 pts

something like this would be so much easier to adjust our gameplay so we can better ourselves. i just want something concrete.

Gears 4 ranked no longer works as of about 2-3 weeks ago. You can only go down for losses or stay in the same spot for wins.


20,000 is the most amount of points you can have in a game mode
100,000 pts in a single match is the total.

The community does not know the value of points available as the “whole pie,” partially because you guys are trying to implement a lot of factors…
(lets say there are 5,000pts to give out at the end of the match,because of the gap between the two teams.)
The match was first to win 2 rounds.

64,000 Cog vs. 69,000 swarm

you have two people that are 20,000 in a game on different teams. they both do the same amount towards winning. expect 20,000cog gets the MVP by a small margin. 20,000swarm wins the match (2-1) 20,000c one goes up. 20,000s also goes up.

^=going up in rank
/ =going down in rank

Cog ____________________________________________________ Swarm

20,000c ^20,000pts______________________________________________ 20,000s ^ 19,350pts
19,000c / 19,999pts _________________________________________________ 19,000s ^15,600pts
14,000c/ 4,000pts _________________________________________________ 11,000s / 14,000pts
6,000c / 1,200pts__________________________________________________ 10,000s/ 9,000pts
5,000c / -125pts __________________________________________________9,000s/ 5,000pts

now lets talk about the other 8 people in this lobby. lets say TC gives the “half of the pie” (2,250 pts) to the MVP, because out of the odds he became MVP and almost won for their team. and the other half to the top two people (1,125each) on the winning team then everyone else no matter their participation towards winning. will go down, because of the flawed system TC has currently. everyone else in that lobby went down around 0-5000pts. there are soo many missing factors to this ranking system you guys have to implement to get the whole pie ranking system to work as intended. The guy under the MVP should’ve went up in rank due to his outstanding performance, alas he went down pts. I’m sometimes the guy under the MVP when we lose and not by much but will go down in rank tremendously in lower ranks /moderately in the higher ranks.

this “whole pie” shouldnt be focused on the winning aspect if its not a Win/Loss ranking system, the win/loss shouldnt count period! and if it does it should be a set point value when you do win/lose and it should not cause whole teir deranks… youre taking away pts that should be put towards other players.

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why would they keep the ranking system in the game period then?!?!?! imagine coming into gears 4, placing in bronze 3. then after hours and hours of winning you are still left in bronze 3. doesnt make me want to play the game. what makes me want to play the game is i heard that gears 4 ranking was better then out of nowhere they take it out half ■■■■■ like?!?!?! terrible company.