Gears 5 Main Ranking Thread

You didnt change in points because someone on the enemy team quit before the game started, this is not a Ranking mess up, its intended.

if that is the case then why is it that there was 43 deaths for the apposing team and the fact that it was in your eyes a 5v4 how did one of the rounds. The entire team has a combined 3 deaths.

They didn’t quit before the game started. They quit right after the final round ended and the game was won. I know it isn’t a video, but you’ll have to take my word for it. Anyway, stuff like this has happened before. Often, but not nearly as often as just losing points for a game like this. I get 0 point games every time I get MVP by an overwhelming margin, but idk how it works exactly. Ranked system being “kind” I guess.

In that case im not sure why the ranking system gave you 0 points, but it is the first time i have heard of a no point game

Lol look at this, from the start of season 2

Thats insane, good thing that I dont play ranked, this would drive me crazy.

Happened with me several times under same terms, MVP and atop the players by far, and I raise you that yesterday I was awarded 10 points, Master tier, but unfortunately it didn’t count…

Quitting in a special way, might be the reason(Don’t want to discuss it further as don’t want to give quitters ideas…)

I had a 0 point game today as well. Had a good performance too. Its because of the quitter. I think the only way you will get points in a match where someone quits is maybe when you are the winnng team and the quitter was on your team. Meaning you played a man down and still won. I might be totally wrong about that. But the 0 point game is b/c of the quitter. Beating a team with a quitter on it, gets you nothing but it also doesn’t punish the other team just because some random they got matched with left like a lil ■■■■■. I’ve had a quitter this last week about every 2nd or 3rd match. I don’t know about when he quit. I don’t doubt what you are saying. But the quit is the reason why you got nothing. Quitters suck.

From tonight.

Two leavers in the first round, get MVP, lose 10 points. TOTALLY ACCURATE.

Is anyone else dealing with getting zero points on Ranked? Is it because another guy on the other team quits or what? I win a match and gain no points at all, Not negative nor positive.

Playin youre game an me and a bud are goin off and. guess what 0 points for no reason in 3 out of 7 matches… youre game makes no sense you get punished for everything an this is after grindin back negative 5500 points


I’ve just lost two points, and the actual subtraction was 22, @TC_Octus

I was 1924, now I have total of 1902 points, although visually it was -2 and as a result should’ve been 1922.

Something is messy at the moment in points calculation!


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Math isn’t their forte.


Lol I been off Gears for a couple weeks and I came back to this. Man guess I’ll go back to prepping for this Dam Corona virus. I actually do think it’s because someone quit. (Update just played a match nobody quit and still no rank points. )

Yes it’s the real deal.

I’m having this issue now too, 4 games in a row now. It didn’t start until I reached Diamond 3, so I wondered if it had to do with just not playing high enough ranked players. What rank are you?

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Nvm I just got 50 points playing against a team of beginners… I have no idea what the criteria is, maybe it just depends on how their super-stronk Amazon Cloud Service AI bot is feeling that match…

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Onyx, I thought that was the problem but I’m gaining points now, wondering if it’s at a certain time or playing against low ranked players

Lol they broke ranked even more with this update …

I’ve never seen something so insulting in a video game before.

Atari e.t. was better than this and they threw that game in a massive ditch

That 2nd round is correct tho