Gears 5 Main Ranking Thread


Obviously you didn’t live up to the system’s expectations. The system was not only expecting you to perform better, but also find a cure for cancer and find a solution to world peace. Only after doing all that, would the system grant you 5pts in the end.

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When the game thinks you are good it has high expectations. I find over time this ranking system is actually really good.

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Had two guys quit on my team before second round of KOTH. I spent most of the second round just hiding and waiting for the game to be over. Got maybe three or four kills, died five or six times. Finished low score in the game. …GAINED 124 pts in the second round.

I mean I shouldn’t be penalized for quitters and I’d have been mad if I did so I don’t really know what I expected here but wtf even is this system?!

I would like the ranks to be shown, even at the end of the match like gears 4 did. I mean, at the moment it doesn’t really matter because even good players are at the bronze level so. But once (((IF))) the game and ranking system is fixed, I’d like to see the ranks of people that were in my team and the ranks of the opposite team. There’s something about being a a lower rank than the opposite team and thinking “holy ■■■■, I beat an onyx/diamond”


They kind of addressed this in one of their streams. That it was creating a lot of toxicity. Plus the Ranks aren’t always indicative of skill level.

I went to play 2v2 with a friend first game we won I got first on my team and the enemy got mvp by 200 points. The enemy team was favored double my team and I ended up losing 400 points. He next game I played I got mvp won they were favored and I still lost points

this is the second game that I won mvp.

Yes its still broke i won a tdm earlier with mvp and lost 3k points

Just keep playing takes a while before the system starts calculating right. Probably about 50 matches.

It’s no surprise to ANYONE that ranked is still broken, every match I play is either with kids that downloaded the game yesterday or maniacs that play 12 hours a day, is it really that hard to make each rank fight people with the same rank rather than matches with masters fighting silvers???

All i can say is play ffa. I feel the same way. I just find a mode that’s playable and right now it’s ffa. no bad teammates, frequent weapon swaps, lots of flanking/less lancering=actual fun in a gears game :roll_eyes:.

Lancer is a lot of fun with friends tbh. Wrecking ball teams of people who think CQC is the only skill, this is coming from me who basically only plays 2v2 gnasher XD

I think it’s really unnecessary to be lossing points in ranked because your team leaves early Ik tc are working on this but there most likely gonna wait until next operation to do this i sucks to see because people with master skins prob don’t even deserve it just saying

This screenshot is from a game that

A) I was second on my team, fourth in the game, over 10k pts
B) was considered an underdog in

I mean JFC I don’t even care about rank but I DO care when things are broken and stupid, and this is both broken and stupid.

P.S. I know I’m not saying anything we don’t already know but my god

Why is this a thing im playin against hardcore campers and won …basically lost 4 tiers because every stalemate was over 1500 points a round get outta here with that fix that asap! Game is so bad its not even funny i should be reimbursed for you’re stupid game costin me my time

Thank you for not punishing me for my poor performance. I promise to do better next time. I won’t let you down!

You didnt change in points because someone on the enemy team quit before the game started, this is not a Ranking mess up, its intended.

if that is the case then why is it that there was 43 deaths for the apposing team and the fact that it was in your eyes a 5v4 how did one of the rounds. The entire team has a combined 3 deaths.

They didn’t quit before the game started. They quit right after the final round ended and the game was won. I know it isn’t a video, but you’ll have to take my word for it. Anyway, stuff like this has happened before. Often, but not nearly as often as just losing points for a game like this. I get 0 point games every time I get MVP by an overwhelming margin, but idk how it works exactly. Ranked system being “kind” I guess.

In that case im not sure why the ranking system gave you 0 points, but it is the first time i have heard of a no point game

Lol look at this, from the start of season 2