Gears 5 Main Ranking Thread

Hi Community,

This will serve as the main thread to post about rank moving forward. Please post any ranking feedback in this thread.

TC produced a video explaining the ranking system which you can view below

Note: this thread isn’t a promise that TC will respond to individual situations, rather as a singular place TC and the Community can look at for feedback :slight_smile:


Oh nice I get first comment…

I would like to say that (no troll) I believe both Gears 4 and 5 ranking systems have been a really accurate indication of skill, even though they are frustrating to some (and unintuitive in Gears 4). In fact, it’s the best ranking system of any multiplayer game out there.


Hopefully the changes regarding transparency happen sooner rather than later.


I saw the whole video.

Tbh, with all my sincerest respect TC, I think you may be way over your head with the ranking system. I think you’ll need to implement a more simple/straightforward system rather than one that relies on so many factors to get it working.

I feel like by the time you’ll tune the current ranking system to be at least adequate, we’ll be halfway through the game’s lifespan.

Just my two cents on the matter…


Fantastic, a brand new thread for TC to glance at once every few month and for moderators to continuously merge topics into.

Here we go again.


Talking ,Talking , Talking but no results in Game.


Just give us Gears 4’s ranking system! Worked way better, and was more accurate.


By that point, Gear 6 will be the focal point and those that buy it will get to have the whole experience again. It’s a cycle.

I think Gears 4 was their glory point…

That being said - the biggest issue I am seeing is that they rushed this out instead of releasing it when it was ready.


Exactly what I’m thinking.


I don’t understand why they scrapped so many systems from gears 4.

  • rather than fine tune the gears 4 rank system, they threw it out and started over
  • spent the entire lifespan of gears 4 messing with comp tuning then threw it out. They can claim 5 is based on it all they want, it doesn’t play like it.
  • added delays to shooting out of running/rolling.
  • slowed down slide speed, despite allowing lancer active reload spam that can down you in a fraction of a second
  • flash grenades
  • being shot around/through walls
  • threw away the matchmaking system from 4. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but it resulted in a lot more even games than we get in 5.
  • matchmaking that intentionally tries to stack the odds against you at every turn by putting absolutely clueless noobs on your team.
  • rank system that still punishes you by up to thousands of points for a loss, but will only give you up to hundreds for a blowout.
  • no damage/disappearing shots and ~90%s. I never recall experiencing no damage/disappearing shots in 4.
  • “richer melee” system that no one asked for :roll_eyes:
  • aim adhesion helping noobs/scrubs thinking they’re actually ok at the game, by doing the hard part for them.
  • lies about a more consumer friendly shop. You could earn everything bar black steel by playing in gears 4, in 5 all the good skins are paywalled.
  • ruined horde rather than tweaking the fun horde mode from 4.

I could go on, but I’m sick of saying the same things since launch


As opposed to the front page being 85% threads all about the same thing?

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Why not? Look at the state of Gears 5 so it’s forums section may as well be messed up and amateurish as well.

No, of course it’s a good idea. It’s just deja vu thanks to the developer’s consistent incompetence.

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Only issue is you can’t see who’s what rank so you don’t know if you performed at your level or not


Think the ranking system is crazy but still seems fair. It negates me when I have a bad round or a loss which is warranted.
I do play 95 percent of the time solo so moving up is challenging in gears 5 when there are more quitters than 4 but still I keep managing to up my rank after every play day.

Still cant wait for the day TC implements a solo queue mode


They need to show the rank. Or give you the option to look up the rank in lobby. What’s the point of rank if nobody else gets to see any ways? And what ever happened to the most kills, most downs, most assists stats? Most headshots??? Who cares about up time? Lol


Breakdown of HOW points are given is great. That needs to be in so people know why they did or didn’t rank up.

Points in game changing to reflect skill (less points per capture etc) is a great change and idea. Players who get MVP will now more accurately reflect MVP. Now make more points for leader living in guardian!

Quit penalties of having to play X social games before Rank is great.

Thank you for the continued work


Change Koth points back to 300 or reduce to 200. 30 is downright stupid. Adjust your ranking system to Better revolve around objectives when in that particular game mode.


Great points, and I really don’t know.

I feel like they were getting strong with the community for a while in Gears 4. Granted, Gears 4 was my first and only Gears experience so I don’t know much before that.

When I first came along to the forums they had just hired some new community managers who were actively doing outreach and feedback.

I remember their twitter was super responsive when I would send them bugs or questions.

They had forms of public test servers for tweaking tunings and mechanic changes.

Rank stats were not super transparent but they did make very large attempts at explaining it and trying to make it as transparent as possible over time. Roughly by season 5 I began to learn the swing and know exactly when I should expect to be moving up, staying in place, or losing percentages and it was pretty damn accurate to my expectations and predictions of where I was in the ‘background skill’ calculator.

Slowly, this began to fade away as they went into hard dev mode for Gears 5… so relatively understandable.

But to seemingly abandon a lot of the knowledge and experience from Gears 4 and instead try to reinvent the wheel from scratch… I dunno why. Maybe they wanted to use as little assets as possible from the previous titles in order to stand out on their own - even changing the title to Gears instead of GOW.

(I mean, they have 2 web domains instead of just merging Gears 5 into the existing GOW web space in the primary section and keeping previous titles accessible from a menu bar. Even the forums are kept on this old, dusty domain. Almost like Gears 4 is the kid living under the stairs)

The two most frustrating things are that they released it way, way too early without proper QA testing (or knew the issues and released anyway) and the tanking of community outreach. They don’t come to the forums and they don’t respond on twitter.

I realize Clevens has come out to answer questions here on the here, which is nice… but it’s a little too late and that isn’t really his job. He drops nuggets here and there that, from a TC perspective, probably isn’t the best thing to put out there - that isn’t totally his fault though. He’s not a PR rep.

And even though the truth of the matter is always great to know, it can sometimes be disconcerting to learn the real reasons behind some changes that were made or getting into direct conflicts with customers (for whatever the reason). Buffers are a good thing in some cases.


Here’s a photo to support that point.

I cut off the names because it isn’t my photo to share but just look at the blue line stats compared to everyone else in game…

Caps are worthless.