Gears 5 made easy? Here's why we make that claim. (Video)

For a long time myself and many others have stated that Gears 5 has been made easy and has been made rifle based, punishing other playstyles in order to bring rifles to the top. Myself and others have typed out such long posts and responses that just can’t seem to get through to some people.

Recntly I made a very long video highlighting this, it included a lot of explaination but also some tests that I used to support my claims. Here’s those tests put together. Please see for yourself!

For clarity, the Lancer fire rate test, I did from full mag to the reload bar, whilst editing I found 1 frame variance which I couldn’t get exactly perfect on the timer, I believe it’s close enough to call accurate however you can make up your own minds.

Video - (Unsure how to embed, sorry)

This video is unlisted as I am not trying to boost views. I will not link my full video for the same reason, I simply feel that this 5 minutes or less worth of video content can speak louder than 10 hours worth of typing.

I strongly believe that regardless of whether this was intentional or not, all of these factors combined are the reason as to why people claim that the game has been made easy and favours rifles.

I really hope that this can remain civil and potentially begin some good discussions as I would love for this to open some eyes for people to realise that some of the points people have been making are valid and aren’t just “crying” or “salty”.


Dude, you just need to understand, Gears 5 is “deeper”, “more tactical” and “more skilful” than its predecessors because of all of the changes which highlighted,

You just need to stop focusing on the boring, outdated , gnasher/movement based gameplay which dominated this franchise for 10+ yearsand embrace this exciting, fresh, new direction which is sure to satisfy both the old guard and the new players the developers and owners of Gears are so desperate to attract to the Store, uhm, I mean to the Game, yeah, that’s it, to the Game…

Yeah, that’s it.

BTW, I gave up on G5 Versus now completely…

Can’t wait until I can scrap all of those Swarm skins, so I can level up my Horde cards…

Hello, TC? Any time now… Scapping unneeded cards… you know… like in the previous title…


I don’t know who’s disagreed with you. Almost everyone has admitted that Gears 5 has lowered the skill gap (for better or for worse).

I just know some–don’t care. Some–don’t play PvP. Some–might just want something new so they like to see changes. And Some–maybe feel like the high skill gap keeps Gears constricted from growing and expanding by drawing in new players.

With the amount I rage at this game–if I wasn’t an OG Gears fan from 05’, I’d definitely not be playing it now after Gears 4’s slew of updates and horrible tunings. Even more so with 5.

Thought I would give a link to a really well made video showing/proving the reduction of skillgap from each game to next

It’s hard to put what plagues this game into words, It should be harder to get kills, especially with the gnasher, while somehow having that point blank gib consistency. It seems like they have tried to make all weapons on par with the gnasher and it makes everything OP. To nerf the lancers and other weapons, would it not be appropriate to nerf the gnasher? And also the movement as well would have to be re-evaluated to match. I am just spit-balling here. I don’t feel modern gears is as tactical as people claim with all the supposed diversity. Instead it feels like spamming guns, camping. Of course team work is important, it is so whether there are cheap guns or not. I also don’t think the pick ups are ideal. Like the claw is just stupid powerful.

What was fun about gears was the redemption potential. The little guy randomly coming out on top. Correct me if I am wrong but those types of qualities are not as common anymore. On the one hand it could be perceived that I am complaining the game is too hard. But what I think is actually happening is the weapons are too stupidly strong.

The other thing is the general lack of intuitiveness. Things can just be better. You might not be able to please everybody, but you can try. We often complain about CoD but at least they know how to make a matchmaking system. In CoD you also have modes with big differences, like hard core mode for example. Over the years, some have wondered about how Gears would be without wall cancel. After all, Gears was born without it. There could easily be a hardcore playlist without wall cancel, and there could easily be a lot of classic maps, since the newer maps are not even close to as good,

My last note would be about the increase in delays throughout these games. I am sick of the delays. Just get rid of them. It doesn’t need to take so long to change weapons, or shoot.