Gears 5 low gpu video proof

i recorded my screen to show that my gpu isnt being used by gears5.exe at all. its being used by Desktop Window Manager. I have MSI Afterburner and Task Manager open to show my exact usage. I get alot of FPS drops and stuttering while playing because of this. Please TC respond I have uninstalled the game and cancelled my gamepass until further response

TC and Nvidia need to come together to really improve the experience for users with those GPUs.

The AMD cards are heavily optimised and beating out more powerful Nvidia cards when they shouldn’t, due to how quick and efficient their drivers are.

It was also noted that Nvidia doesn’t even support ASync Compute on Gears 5 yet!

I hope we get a response.


yeah for gears 4 game didnt even work on pc it would crash all the time, the fact that they can take your money and not optimize it for nvidia cards is â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– 

I get 130 fps with gtx 1070 on ultra. Maybe it’s your setup.

Nope it’s definitely not my setup. I think for some people it’s just glitched

I wish the game was true dedicated fullscreen, instead of Borderless Windowed again. TC said it’s win32, not UWP, but they didn’t bother add fullscreen.

I know that’s always been a culprit of low GPU usage in the past, though there could be other things going on here, with their funky highly specialized version of UE4 that probably has all sorts of spaghetti code going on with it.

Something def doesn’t feel right with this game’s performance on PC. Myself and most of my friends have issues where it just eats up CPU and makes other processes non responsive, even while alt tabbed in the menus. And when the game is loading a map, all audio cuts out on Discord. None of this happened in the tech test or in Gears 4.

Not sure if it’s directly related to OP’s issue but perhaps it is.

The framrate also is far from stable. In Gears 4, I can stay very stable at 144 in Versus. In Gears 5, the framerate randomly jumps around from 90 to 144, there won’t even be much of anything going on, and it’ll be jumping all over.


Yeah I had that issue as well, but after upgrading to a Coffee Lake CPU a few days ago, it runs smooth as hell. What gen of CPU do you have?


Just me guessing here.

Mine stays stable unless I am doing something on my other monitor, then it stutters and goes to much lower frames (but feels much wrose than the frame counter implies).

Alt tabbing out and back in fixes it for me immediately. Unsure if this will help you but I thought I would throw it out there.

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9400f from 4690. No regets on the budget upgrade. My 1070 is now the bottleneck :slight_smile:

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9400F performs exceptionally well in Gears. Yeah that GPU would definitely be the bottleneck (but a great card for the money)

i7 6700k.

Hmm, I’ll test it out. Thanks.

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No worries, hopefully that helps :slight_smile:

Wait it isn’t dedicated full screen? I didn’t know that?

Oh, so should we just shut async option off then or is it basically already off since it apparently doesn’t work?

I haven’t had any real issues with my 2070 yet… Runs very smooth at 1080, pretty solid 143 fps.

I do get a warning every time I launch the game that it’s an incompatible gpu… And there was one time where I stuttered during a flashbang. But that may have been something else like another process. Never happened again.

I can alt enter or alt tab… Mess about waiting for match to start, etc… Renter game. No issues at all so far.
For anyone interested:
Z370-A mobo
i7 8700
Evga RTX 2070 UX

(for my next trick I’ll run Gears 4 on the other monitor and lose two Koth matches simultaneously!)

I had to set my resolution to 2560x1440 in order to actually get the gpu to kick in

Apparently it’s not even an option in the menus for Nvidia users.

I also haven’t noticed any major issues.

One or two small stutters in campaign but then I’m at Insane & Ultra settings - 2K res - but still at 100-144 FPS.

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I found a listing for it in the local configuration file.

C:\Users\ username \AppData\Local\Gears5\Saved\Config\PC\GameUserSettings

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