Gears 5: Locust Origin

So I’ve been going through the campaigns again, and I forgot about how in Gears 2, when we visit Nexus, the city looks ancient. In Gears 5 we get a lot of information, and from what I remember we found out that New Hope was the start of the locust and the Myrrah was a child there that showed special connection with the mutated Sires.
I’m just wondering if this was the start of the locust, how can Nexus look so ancient if the origins go back to the Queen’s birth. That’s not a long time at all. Are the Kantus pre-sires that were just down in the hallow before the sires?. Maybe they created Nexus?

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We were talking about this in another thread. Have a look if you like: Disappointing truth of the locust


Myrrah is 80-100 years old.

Things from 1920-1940 look pretty ancient today.


I don’t know about that theory, even 80 years isn’t enough for what was down there.

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Sure it is.

Sera is a hollow planet. Who knows how many creatures and civilizations dwelled in the tunnels of the Hollow over the eons. There are millions of locust and they work almost like a hive mind so I’m sure they could carve up some stone in 80 years.

It’s also possible that the Kantus were natural-born Locust mutated from ancient beings or ancient Humans as well (As we know Humans started in Sera with their own dark ages).

And that our other humanoid Locust (Drones, Boomers. Therons) were created by Niles.


The comics confirmed awhile ago that the locust civilization is roughly 10,000 years old. The “native” locusts are descended from the ancient sires who themselves were likely mutated ancient humans who got trapped underground.

Furthermore, humanoid Locust can be either native or artificial. Raam was born in the Hollows before Myrrah even got there, where as Uzil Sraak was from Kadar. The Kadar locusts are also shown to be a bit racist towards the native locusts, but that’s largely irrelevant to this discussion.

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How would you know RAAM was born in the Hollows? I thought he was one of the Drones from Kadar which might explain how he and Sraak are huge. And I thought RAAM had body enhancement from Ukkon by being injected with syringe containing “sludge”. But those were just my speculations and not confirmed.

Not that it specifically answers your speculations but this resource has all the know details of RAAM’s life listed here.

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This pretty much sums up there’s no info whether from the Hollow or Kadar. But the Drones weren’t from underground in first place. They would’ve had to escape the Kadar facility. I find it strange that Sraak was mentioned to be there but not RAAM.

“Little is known about RAAM’s early life.”

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They were mentioned in Gears 5 to breed well, so RAAM could have come later.

To me, Nexus looks crude, not ancient. Look at how quick the locust colonized Azura and the deadlands in Gears 3. They work fast, and they are crude artists.