Gears 5 List of All Settings (Pictures from Microsoft Store)

Will see what happens. I guess its better than bieng crossplayed off all the time.

It is and I’m glad Microsoft have committed to Crossplay for all their games.

They are rapidly changing the industry that is for sure.


Thanks for sharing!

Intrigued to know what “Rich Subtitles” mean…

Rich surely means bold

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These are all surprising and positive things. Happy to see this.


I also hope server selection makes a bit of a return in the final game like it is hinting here, when they removed the server selection people were left with large search times, and people didn’t get their problems solved.

I hope they can work around the pings and such with this.

I imagine it’s Subtitles in other languages that are very accurate to the native English version.

I have a suspicion it could be subtitles for non-scripted character dialogue aka kill lines, reloads, you name it.

Could be :+1:

Are you kidding me if you think gears 5 is gonna be capped at 60fps and not dip on console you’re sadly mistaken


Thank you for the info

Say, does anyone know what the feature for the minimap rotation is for?

This is awesome idea! Why didn’t I think of that? :smiley:

Thanks for showing these settings.

What I didn’t like from the Escape gameplay after the E3, was how you get red, and how the screen gets red.

I think they should leave it as it is, that the red crimsom omen apears on the middle of the screen. Hopefully they wont change that from the old Gears games.

How about leaving players the choice which of the two damage indicators they want? I’m sure you’d make everyone happy that way…



Choice of UI would be nice.

The new UI looks too much.

When you turn your character, do you want the minimap to turn with you? Or just have your arrow turn on the minimap?

I believe the setting is what determines that.