Gears 5 List of All Settings (Pictures from Microsoft Store)

Not the biggest fan of killcams. Glad they can be toggled. And no auto reload was just a plain great idea.

I would love to be able to turn off Ribbons during MP Gameplay and have them just show at the end match report.

I agree. I really hope there is a setting for a classic look of the omen damage. I dont understand why they flipped the color schemes. i.e. red outside and clear inside omen

Please coalition, if there is one basic thing not to change this is one of them.


Yeah I really hope so too

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Update: this won’t be an option :frowning:


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I’m talking about console

So basically its an end of an era. This is why I am very skeptical of this Gears. Last time we had this many changes and fan input was ignored, we got judgment.

RIP Gears :gear:

Well let’s give them some time before judging. There is a beta in 1 month and if the whole community doesn’t like the new inverse omen after playing it, they may listen to the feedback.

I will give it a chance but I have a feeling it wont change my mindset on it even if its a minor change. The keywords here is “may listen.” They didnt really listen in Gears 4 after feedback, some but not a whole lot. Developers will do what they want to do.

Looks like there is barrel shooting and active reloads, yes?

Yeah to both


Cool down for the actives?

Yeah same as Gears 4

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Still no option to choose language for voices and text?

I thought you could already change voices and text to Spanish?

I may just not have taken pictures of those settings though.

I think console(at the very least, Xbox) games still orient their language settings to what the console is set. Though I don’t understand why since most if not all PC games allow you to choose the language in-game regardless of the device language.

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Doesn’t this only appy to PC players???

Looks fine …