Gears 5 List of All Settings (Pictures from Microsoft Store)

Got some pictures from the Microsoft stores showing some interesting settings. Pictures and a raw list of the settings will be at the bottom. First, here is a summary.


  1. You can turn off hitmarkers
  2. You can turn off damage numbers that you get while shooting enemies
  3. You can turn off killcams (that means there are killcams!)
  4. You can toggle ranked crossplay (we don’t know if this is final yet, but it’s likely the case)
  5. You can turn off automatic reload (no more jamming)
  6. You can turn off health bars
  7. You can remap your controller buttons (not as much as you think though - see the screenshot below)

Comprehensive list:

Ranked Crossplay
Minimap Rotation
Automatic Reload
Button Prompts
Multiplayer HUD
HUD Damage Numbers
HUD Health Bars
HUD Hit Markers
Text Chat
Control Scheme (Default, Classic-Alt, Tournament, Tournament-Alt, maybe more)
Sensitivities (Look, Target, Zoom) - up to 30
Aim Acceleration
Inner/Outer Deadzones
Toggle Primary Weapon
Omnidirectional Roll
Analog Movement in Cover
Sticks (Default, …)
Triggers (Default, …)
Button Tap Challenges
Color Blind Mode
Camera Shake on Beginner Difficulty
Target Lock on Beginner Difficulty
Fabricator Ping
Subtitles (on/off, size, rich)
Button Tap Challenges
Text to Speech
Speech to Text
Swap Sticks While Aimed
Single Stick Control

Images for proof


Brilliant stuff. A lot happier reading that lot. :clap:


They have a region option now? does that mean no more high pinged players?

Doesn’t necessarily mean you can change it. Gears 4 still has it shown to you, but you just can’t change it.

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No automatic reload is actually not a bad idea indeed! Always hate the jamming while I’m in the heat of a battle. I always jam the gun because I can’t wallbounce and reload at the same time… :sweat_smile: (most of the time)

Those are the things I’d hoped would be there… though I mostly care for being able to turn off automatic reloads. Lost count of the times where my reloading reflex triggered after I stopped firing only to jam after having the automatic reload initiated. That said, I didn’t really see the point of the damage numbers or health bars. Not only do I prefer not knowing whether the enemy I’m shooting at is about to go down or die(if I haven’t shot it up before, that is, because then I’d know), but also, like, what are we playing here? The Division? And hitmarkers? Seems odd to have them… when Gears already gives pretty decent audio/visual feedback for hitting an enemy.

I just hope that turning the healthbar off also removes the name hovering above enemies. Kinda unnecessary if you ask me.

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What is rich subtitles? Would that be the option for character dialogue into text? I noticed this in the first Escape stream. But that’s pretty detailed customisation…

About the crossplay thing. The new call of duty is going to have it aswell on all platforms. Xbox vs PS vs PC
But their crossplay toggle will be Controller or Mouse n Keyboard.

At least a little bit of balance.

So no fov slider lmao good thing im playing the PC version

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It’s hard to have an FOV slider on console because they have a target framerate to hit, increasing FOV hurts performance and they can’t have dips below 60 FPS

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I never got that M&K and Controller searching.

I can be on PC with a controller, search, get into a match and be detected rightfully as a controller player.

Then, once match begins, I can just switch to M&K :sweat_smile:


Not from my benchmarks, maybe it’s different for other PC users but I’ve not seen any performance dips and one of my friends saw a tiny increase in performance when going higher fov.

Nice work, and thanks for taking the time to share this info. I hope there are no health bars in versus MP, as that would completely change the dynamic of the game.

Also, that has to be the sloppiest set up (in the Microsoft store), cables just slung everywhere like a jungle of spaghetti noodles.

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I can’t see it happening in MP.

But who knows :sweat_smile:

Its planned for thier next game… The MW one that’s releasing in October or whatever.

I know,

I’m saying it can easily be tricked :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well I guess they have QA and compliance staff to check that… I mean they are not stupid. Its propobly one of the first things they will check acually.

This only tells us that you will be able to play that game with Mouse and keybord on Xbox. More than it will be easily cheated

So if you have to switch to M&K for any other reason, then you could be potentially be penalised.

I guess. Or kicked out from the game. I think they will solve the separation between typing and playing. you know. Its fine, Controller vs controller . MnK vs MnK. PC will still have advantages. you will be fine :wink:

I’m just saying it will be difficult to moderate.

And I don’t need advantages - I play Controller even on PC.

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