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Gears 5 Limited controller

I have the console + additional pad for £500 on pre order, but not sure now. I love the look of the console but it is a lot of money for a plastic box that does what my other plastic box does. Also I did offer the UE code for sale at £55 but no takers, obviously due to GP.

I might just go for the past instead! Use the remaining money towards other games/things.

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I searched high and low for the 5TB Seagate hard drive to be told by Microsoft that,that version is unfortunately and exclusive to GameStop and Microsoft U.S. #sadface

Yes mate, we did have that info posted on here, seems silly to me.


I’m still considering the console, but not sure if I’ll pull the trigger. Maybe if some things go right next week.

Yeah, I feel that. I wanted that console so bad, but I simply can’t afford it right now.

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