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Gears 5 Limited controller

So I pre-ordered the Gears 5 limited edition Kait Diaz controller at GameStop and their site says it releases today. When I went to pick it up the guy said they didn’t have them and their system doesn’t have a release date. I guess my question is does anyone know when it actually releases?

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I would go off the release date from the Microsoft store to be more accurate

…I suddenly feel like an idiot because I didn’t even think about that

Thank you for your wisdom, soldier!

EDIT: just fyi to those who may be interested…the controller is listed on their store to release on the 20th of this month.

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August 20th is the release date … i just picked up the 5 TB Hard drive and that says August 20th as well


lol Thank you! That Hard Drive though! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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i know right … im picking up the 5 TB version

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I feel this is a rip off as your paying almost double for just the design,

Also hdd instead of ssd.

Did you get your controller? I also pre ordered from gamestop and I went to pick it up today and they said they have not received any and do not know when they will get them.

I’m almost certain the release date was wrong. I have preordered on Amazon. The date they have always given is Aug 29.

I guess all retailers have different release dates. Only problem is gamestop won’t give me a release date.

Ordered from Microsoft. It shipped Monday.

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My apologies for not responding sooner. So, the 20th rolled around and I decided that I could be patient so I thought I would call and if they still didn’t have them I would keep my order there and just wait it out. I called 5 times and no answer. I was a little annoyed, but thought maybe they were busy. When I got there I noticed they were not busy and I I watched as the phone rang and he just chose to not answer. So now I was really annoyed . I told him that Xbox’s official FB page announced the official release and I wanted to pick mine up. He said that it didn’t have a release date and they had none in stock. Then he tried to tell me it wasn’t out yet. then he hit me with a few lies to try to keep me from canceling. I ordered it from the microsoft store on my phone as I walked to the car. It got here on the 22nd.

Lesson learned, order straight from the Microsoft store from now on.


Nice one. When I checked the MS UK store it stated Aug 29th same as Amazon, so I went for them. Shame the console wasn’t released the same day. Couldn’t they have locked out the actual game until the 5/6 Sept ?

That’s what they did for the Gears 4 console, sort of. The Gears One S came out the day before the game. I remember because I sold my electric guitar, my ps4, my OG Xbox One, and my Deadpool comic con collectible. I went 4 months without an xbox waiting on it lol. Anyways, the code for gears 4 ultimate came in the box, but I didn’t have access to play the game until midnight. Made a night of it, I had pizza and chips and all that lol.

Bravo :+1:
I have 5 days off work to “get to grips” with Gears5, hehe.

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Well this is coming tomorrow… cool.

I pre ordered,the console that comes with the controller. They said I can pick it up on the 5th so thats pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like in person

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The controller looks cool in person, so I suspect the console would as well.


Gears 5 pre orders have me broke lol worth it tho😊