Gears 5 - Lethal Engagements Master Escape Guide

Thought I would continue the series and do the third Escape on masters. Let me know the strats you used or if this video helped. If it did I’d love a comment, like sub! Hope you have good fun and beat the hive.


Some character abilities break through the “headshot only” damage barrier like coles burning trail.

I like using mac and baird while the third could be anyone you want really. Lizzie silverback salvo and trishot bypass the headshots only, cole is good too. Whoever is the most accurate should be mac and picking up most of the sniper ammo. I don’t see the point of everyone have like 3-4 bullets each when they arent hitting shots. Bairds ultimate at the end is a really good way to distract the grenadiers that spawn. Also let mac take care of scions and sires or stumps with the bleed.The 2nd last room isn’t too tough if you know where the elite drones are spawning, if you are fast you can pick off 2-3 drones before all other enemies react.

This was probably the easiest of the three Op 3 hives so far. I managed it on my 2nd attempt (1st attempt with one group, then I joined another different group and succeeded). Both attempts were with randoms. I played as Mac, while we also had a Cole and a Baird (Baird didn’t do too much - Cole and I did most of the work).

It’s all about Mac getting active reloads, and juggling weapons (Boltok on mid-range enemies and the Longshot on long-range obviously) to that he constantly has active rounds to fire. As with other master hives, I had the In Your Face card which helped distract enemies while Cole got close range.

In the first section, there are some ladders leading down onto the lower level. It can be helpful to lure the enemy Grenadiers up the ladders so you can do the melee combo and execution on them as they’re coming up the ladder and stuck in the climb animation. Makes life a bit easier.

Overall if you can maintain good accuracy throughout, you shouldn’t ever be pushed by the venom very much. The enemy doesn’t have health regeneration, but the shock rifles can be a bit of a pain and slow things down.

Some friends of mine also used Clayton and Lizzie (with Cole) but this was last Tuesday so just before they patched their ultimate recharge cards. I’d imagine that their usefulness has reduced now and you’d need someone capable of high damage with precision weapons.

Pro tip: if you have a high enough Cole, he can pop his ult and solo the Stump if it spawns before the final room.

Also a tip: you can sneak execute all 9/10 enemies in the beginning before going down the ladder, saves ammo.

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Lizzie is still very useful, don’t know about Clayton. I beat it fairly easily with Mac, Cole and Lizzie (me). I just utilized her Cold Finish especially on Sires so Mac wouldn’t have to use a lot of ammo. Aggressive Armor kept me up enough to help with melee combos. And did some sniping. Silverback was more like a decoy for me.