Gears 5: Legendary Operator (Not unlocking)

Legendary Operator achievement is not unlocking. My achievement progress is stuck on 82% and currently I am at legend 26 in the operation. It should be noted in operation 4 I was at the legend rank (where I suppose the 82% comes from).

Try shutting down your Xbox and unplug the power cord for a while. That fixes a number of syncing issues with various games, and when Gears 5 starts up, it also does some achievement status checks that may get it to pop.

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Okay, will try this when I am able to later today and will get back to you. Thank you.

Call tech support.

I tried doing as instructed and I had a separate achievement pop that I was working on at the same time. I suppose it is a syncing issue but Iā€™m not sure why one achievement popped and not the other. Thank you though for the help.

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