Gears 5 Legendary battle: Stalker Armored Kantus VS OG Armored Kantus // Which do you like better?

That’s right folks. I do believe that nobody has probably made a post EXACTLY like this. But, I’m more than likely wrong, and if proven so, I will chainsaw myself with my lancer :3rd_place_medal:

Aside from my apparent suicidal tendencies (That was a joke btw XD) I want to talk to you guys about something. When Stalker Armored Kantus came out, I admit, I didn’t really didn’t look twice at this guy… In fact, I didn’t really even have any appreciation for this character at all. That is partially because Gears 4, at the time, was kind of ending and it was a little watered down in some ways. If you know what I mean. Gears 4 didn’t really give me a chance to use him… You know? To really flush him out. Am I using the right word there? I think you get what I mean.

After playing as the Stalker in Gears 5, he is actually growing on me. I have found a new appreciation for him, so to speak. I realized that the Stalker Armored Kantus and OG Vanilla Armored Kantus are both good looking skins and have good contrast between them. I want them both… I don’t know why I love these two characters so much… But, they remind me of Elites from Halo for some odd reason… And… Obviously Shadow the Hedgehog. Huge fan :3

The real question is… I highly doubt they will give an Esports skin for both… So which one? Do you think Stalker should get an Esports skin? Or OG Armored Kantus?

In my opinion. The Stalker Armored Kantus looks great the way he is especially due to his color Scheme, So if I had to chose between the two, it would be OG Armored Kantus.

I would love to hear your guys thoughts on this matter though. I am curious to know how people compare the two :slight_smile:

Nothing better than the OG.

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