Gears 5 launching on Steam (PC)

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Forecasting imminent announcement that Gaben is getting back together with his old flame by selling Steam to Microsoft.

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wonder if cross-play will still be a feature with this version


They’d have to. With how much Microsoft has championed cross-play recently, it just wouldn’t be a good look if they didn’t do it here.

I assume it will follow the other games on that list (age of empires and Halo MCC)

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A fair assumption. It could be that they’re not confirming they’re supporting it as a “under-promise, over-deliver” approach. But I think the most likely outcome is that cross-play won’t be supported at launch, but might come later.

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Amazing news.

I’ve seen that Gears 5 will be cross play too and with it being the same game on the Azure servers, the three stores shouldn’t stop Crossplay between them.

Being on Steam is amazing news though!!

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the dev stream tonight will be an awkward one if they still can’t answer some of these questions we have.

It will be Xbox Play Anywhere and crossplay. i believe it will be just like Gears 4 crossplay with ranked toggle and social full crossplay. This time the PC players won’t have to depend on Xbox players too much to find ranked matches.


They said the can’t answer anything that’s not been confirmed or really talk about it.

So all we know today is that Gears 5 will be on Steam.

That’s about it and that’s all they can confirm.

I think they must be just as excited about E3 as us so that they can speak somewhat on other things as Gears 4 is definitely a dead horse to them at this point in time.

Who knows how much the community guys at TC get to see.

They could get full disclosure on Campaign/MP/Horde or be limited to play testing MP / Horde.

I’m not so sure about cross-buy. I imagine Microsoft would still much rather you buy off of their platform and having Play-Anywhere exclusive to their store would be an incentive.

If there is a solid Anti-Cheat like every other major game and M&K support is there at launch, I don’t see why you would need a toggle.

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Gears 5 has Crossplay listed as a feature.

I’m sure they will still have it as a thing.

anyone know if the Master Chief Collection has cross-buy between XB1, Win10, AND Steam?

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Latest is that it won’t be cross-buy at all, not even for Xbox and Win 10.

When you say cross buy do you mean it being available on each of the marketplaces?

Cross-buy as in Play-Anywhere, meaning that buying a game on one store or platform automatically grants you access to it on the others for no extra charge.

Whether this will extend to Steam remains to be seen, but as far as Halo MCC is concerned, it doesn’t appear to be the case at all. So even if you bought it on Xbox, you would have to buy it all over again if you wanted to play it on Windows 10.

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Ahhh… Roger that… Gotcha :slight_smile:

The other thing that remains is their capped 60fps :slight_smile: 144hz is a world of difference from 60fps ya know.

wow thats dumb asf lol if the MCC collection doesn’t even include the other halo games like halo:wars etc even though i’d like to try it on PC im not buying it lol. If HALO:INFINITE is on PC maybe,